10 Memorable Quotes From "The Help"
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10 Memorable Quotes From "The Help"

"This could be one of the most important pieces of fiction since 'To Kill A Mockingbird'If you read only one book…let this be it." -NPR.org

10 Memorable Quotes From "The Help"

Trying to find the book genre that appealed to me was difficult growing up. I was never the type of guy to seek out a sci-fi or mystery novel, and it wasn't until early high school that I discovered that I truly enjoy historical fiction novels. In fact, anyone who really knows me knows that my favorite book to read is "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. After reading this novel a second time over the summer, I picked up on a few things that I hadn't the first time around and rediscovered why I fell in love with all of the characters. It was difficult to pick, but I selected 10 of my favorite and most memorable quotes (not in any particular order) that make this book unforgettable.

1. “Ever morning, until you dead in the ground, you gone have to make this decision. You gone have to ask yourself, "Am I gone believe what them fools say about me today?”


This quote proved to be an overarching theme throughout the novel and was applicable to a majority of characters. Each went through their own type of struggle internally and externally.

2. “Mother calls up the stairs to ask what in the world I'm typing up there all day and I holler down, 'Just typing up some notes from the Bible study. Just writing down all the things I love about Jesus.” 


I cannot help but giggle at this sassy statement made by Skeeter to her mother, Charlotte. Skeeter had her mother convinced that she was going to bible lessons when in reality she was going to Aibileen's home to work on the book.

3. “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”


Okay, I admit it, I teared up during this part in the book and movie. Whenever these two were in private, Aibileen made sure to tell stories about love and acceptance to Mae Mobley (and of course, this famous line).

4. "I'd hit him over the head with a skillet, and I'd tell him to go straight to hell."


Minny is easily one of my favorite characters in this book because she represents to me what it means to be a protective, caring, and concerned parent. She puts on a face of power and authority and witnessing her take any abuse from her husband is like watching a teacher cry for the first time. This piece of advice might sound helpful to Miss Ciela but she doesn't fully understand the reasons why Minny stays Leroy.

5. “I say ‘That good vanilla from Mexico’ and then I go head. I tell her what else I put in that pie for her.”


Ah, yes. One of the most iconic scenes in literary and cinematic history. For those of you who haven't read the book or watched the movie, I'm sorry. You're missing out.

6. "A bill that requires every white home to have a separate bathroom for the colored help. I've even notified the surgeon general of Mississippi to see if he'll endorse the idea.” 


Without a doubt, Miss Hilly Holbrook is this book's version of the "Harry Potter" character, Dolores Umbridge. As one of the antagonists of this novel, she represents a society of ignorance and hatred towards anyone who doesn't look or act just like her.

7. “It seems like at some point you'd run out of awful.”


Oh, but not for "Two-slice Hilly." There are so many moments throughout the book where the reader is left to wonder, "Did she really just do that?" Just when you least expect it, Hilly has another trick hiding in that flipped-bob hairstyle of hers.

8. "Write about what disturbs you, particularly if it bothers no one else."


Skeeter did not want to be stuck writing cleaning columns and dreamed of writing a novel one day. She got into contact with the Junior League editor, Elaine Stein and she told Skeeter to write about something that bothers nobody else. This sparked the inspiration for Skeeter to start her book.

9. “He needs "space" and "time," as if this were physics and not a human relationship.”


Skeeter's relationship with men is practically non-existent until she goes on a blind date with Stuart. Their relationship is rocky throughout the book and this quote from Skeeter perfectly puts that dynamic into perspective.

10. “The book is not about Jackson!”


Because of content covered in number five, this sentence insured that Hilly Holbrook would inform everyone that the book filled with testimonies from the help was not about anyone from Jackson. As Minny puts it, "...But don't you see? She's going to her grave convincing folks this book ain't about Jackson. Now that keeps us safe. Insured."

I hope you enjoyed this article! Feel free to tell me some of your favorite parts from this book.

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