10 Questions Every TWU Student Get Asked
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10 Questions Every TWU Student Get Asked

Really. These are so common, it's not even funny.

10 Questions Every TWU Student Get Asked
Texas Woman's University

Every college student knows the plethora of questions they are asked as soon as they make a final decision as to where they will call the next four years home. We all know how annoying it is to answer “what’s your major?” “what do you want to do with that?” etc. every other conversation we partake in. But, as TWU students, we get some very specific questions that most other college students will never encounter. Literally, the same questions are asked every single time we make the mistake of reminding those around us that we go to TWU. Some are geared towards if you’re a man or a woman, but regardless they are the same general questions asked by non-TWU students. Now, these 10 I personally have been asked, or know someone who has been asked this; I’m not making them up, they are legitimate questions people ask.

1. "TWU? That’s Texas Wesleyan, right?"

You’re so close, TexWes is a few cities west. But, no, TWU stands for Texas Woman’s University.

2. "Are you a nursing major?"

This might come as a shock to some of y’all, but TWU actually has more than just the college of nursing. Although we do have one of the top ranked nursing programs in the state, we’re not all nursing majors. Many are Kinese, pre-PT or pre-OT because these therapy programs are top ranked as well.

3. "Are you going to school to learn how to be a housewife?"

Even if that’s all I wanted to do with my life, why would I pay tuition to learn things my mom could probably teach me? Don’t be ridiculous, people.

4. "If you’re going to an all women’s school, how are you going to find a man to take care of you?"

What century are we in? I do not need a man to take care of me; I am a strong, independent woman who can take care of herself, thank you. All of us here at TWU are focused on getting our degree and using it to benefit the world around us. Anyone who is here for an MRS degree will soon realize that this is not the school for that and probably transfer down the street to UNT for better luck.

5. "Is that by UNT?"

This is the only reason most people even know our school exists. We’re a solid five minutes away from the University of North Texas, depending on the traffic. But, our campus is much smaller. Like, half a mile, maybe.

6. "What’s in those towers?"

Well, one is the administration building, two are dorms and the other two are classrooms and offices. And before you even ask, yes, people really do live in the two dorm towers.

7. "Did you go there for the girls?"

This is a question the 11 percent male population get asked a lot, and truthfully, I don’t know the answer to this question. I would assume not, but, ya never know.

8. "What subjects are boys allowed to major in?"

Any of them? It’s 2015 people, get it together.

9. "Why do you even want to go to this school?"

TWU has so much to offer here. The classes are small, the campus is beautiful and we have amazing programs. Not only are we top ranked in nursing, physical therapy and occupational therapy, we also offer a music therapy major; one of the five in the state. Our dental hygiene program is also highly regarded. Basically, TWU is great and we don’t get enough credit for it.

10. Are boys allowed?

Every single time I even mention the name Texas Woman’s University, someone asks me this. Yes, boys are allowed. In the dorms, in the Fit and Rec, in the classrooms, everywhere. 11 percent of our student population is male, which isn’t a lot, but still. The point is: Boys are allowed.

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