10 Questions You've Asked If You Go To Milligan College
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Student Life

10 Questions You've Asked If You Go To Milligan College

No one understands Humanities, opens dorms and Fiesta Friday like we do.

10 Questions You've Asked If You Go To Milligan College
Faith McDonald

1. Who got creeked last night?

Creeking [kreek-ing] Verb: When a Milligan College student gets engaged, and their friends bombard their room, tie them up, and throw them in the creek behind campus. It sounds terrifying (and it is) but are you really even engaged until you get creeked? You can easily tell that someone is getting creeked by the sound of car horns and yelling/laughing college students.

2. Which Booher are you talking about?

Did you mean Curtis, Rita, Abby, or Maggie?

3. When do you think Wonderful Wednesday will be?

The magical Wednesday where all classes are cancelled, and the stressed out college students get to pretend that they aren't on campus for school, but rather to just be a part of a gigantic "framily." Move over kids, inflatables are actually made for homesick college students.

4. Do we have Convo today?

We know its every other Tuesday, but somehow we still lose track of what days we do and don't have convocation in the chapel. Then sometimes, Brad Wallace throws us for a loop and we'll have it two Tuesdays in a row. How confusing is that?!

5. Can you keep the door open?

Plus the laughter that follows when we have to explain the concept of open dorms to people who aren't from Milligan. Its simple, no persons of the opposite sex in the dorms unless its Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday after 7:00pm... and for the love of all that is holy, DON"T CLOSE THAT DOOR!

6. Is there SFP available?

Anytime we hear about a lecture, speaker, concert, etc. the question is, "Can I get chapel credits if I go?" We all know its bad to only go for the chapel credits, but we can't help it, the thought of not being able to graduate unless you've had 150 swipes is terrifying!

7. Will you come pick me up at the bottom of the hill?

Sutton Hill (more like Sutton Mountain), the only two words I know that can make me sweat just by hearing them. Our campus may not be big, but one walk up that hill just HAS to be equivalent to the walk around a much bigger campus. That's why, every chance we get, we're going to get a ride back to our dorms or to the cafeteria. Sometimes, you'll even jump in the car with a student you've never met just for a ride (college kids are dumb).

8. Which essay do you think it will be?

Our humanities professors literally hand us the questions that will be on our next exams, and while we study all five of the possible essay questions they give us, we still want to know everyone's opinion on which one they think will be chosen. We all know the frustration of writing outlines for five different essays, but only actually using one of them.

9. Do you want to go to Cookout?

(Is the answer to this one ever "no?")

When most people think of college, they envision crazy, loud, drunken parties. At Milligan, however, we party the Christian, "I signed a contract that says I am grounded (7 and 7) if I drink" kind of way. So when we want to get "crazy" we run to Cookout at one in the morning and bring half of the campus with us. It's fun, and no one gets community service if they're caught doing it.

10. There is a formal?!

Yes, prom didn't have to end in high school (wait, is that a good thing?). "That Big Party" is definitely something to look forward to for those who love getting dressed up (or not, we kind of wear whatever we want), and hanging out with their friends into the wee hour of 11 P.M. (Christian schools, am I right? *eye roll*).

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