10 Products You Should Always Buy From The Dollar Tree
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10 Products You Should Always Buy From The Dollar Tree

Why buy something for $5 that you could get for $1 here?

10 Products You Should Always Buy From The Dollar Tree

If you have a Dollar Tree in your town, you probably are not utilizing it correctly. There are many products that can be found at the Dollar Tree (or similar dollar stores) that are much more expensive elsewhere. Here are 10 products you should always buy at the Dollar Tree rather than other stores.

1. Small school supplies

Around back-to-school time, Dollar Tree offers a wide range of school supplies for much cheaper than you would find elsewhere. Items like scissors, paperclips, and sticky notes should always be bought here, as the quality is the same what is sold at other stores.

2. Candy

If you're the type of person who take their own candy into the movies, a quick stop at the Dollar Tree is a must. Movie-sized candy is sold here for several dollars less than what you would find at the theater. Just make sure your purse is big enough to fit it all!

3. Greeting Cards

Most Dollar Trees have a nice-sized greeting card section, offering cards for 50 cents each. Stop wasting money at larger stores and stock up at the Dollar Tree.

4. Holiday decorations

Around the holidays (or two to three months before the holidays, to be realistic), the Dollar Tree sells a great selection of holiday decorations, such as small strands of Christmas lights, autumn decor, and pretty much whatever else you would need seasonally. I've also seen sparklers sold here before, offering 2-4 boxes for a dollar. Great deal!

5. Pregnancy tests

Although I've never tried these myself, I have heard from multiple sources that Dollar Tree pregnancy tests are just as accurate as more expensive ones.

6. Medicine

Dollar Tree sells many different types of medicine such as pain killers, allergy relief, gas medicine, and more. Check out their supply before spending several more dollars at your normal stores.

7. Reading glasses

If you're someone who doesn't need prescription glasses but still could use help reading smaller print, Dollar Tree has a good supply of cheap glasses that may be perfect for you, ones you could spend $5 on somewhere else.

8. Gift bags

Dollar Tree actually has a good-sized selection of gift bags that would be way more expensive elsewhere. Check out what they have to offer before spending more money than you need to.

9. Cheap phone cases

As someone who doesn't like to spend more than a few bucks on a phone case anyway, Dollar Tree is the perfect place to look for me to look for stylish ones at a great price. Offering cases that fit most popular phones, it's a great deal to fancify your boring-colored phone, while offering a little protection.

10. Tissues

You just can't go wrong getting tissues at Dollar Tree; they're way cheaper than you'd find at a normal store but do the job just as well.

Although many products found at dollar stores are a waste of money because of the lack of quality they possess, these 10 items are safe to buy and save you tons of money in the long run.

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