10 Positive News Stories
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10 Positive News Stories

A little reminder that the world is not all bad.

10 Positive News Stories

2016 thus far has been a pretty rocky year, to say the least. Each and every day in the news, especially in the last month or so, we have heard about loads and loads of tragedies, and it often truly feels like the world is just going to combust some time in the not so distant future. It is important, however, to remember that the world is not all bad. There will always be bad people doing bad things, but we must keep a positive outlook, because without hope and joy, what have we got? If you need a little break from the negative, here are 10 uplifting news stories from this year that show that although horrible things happen every day, the good does indeed exist.

1. Mattel created new and more diverse Barbie dolls with more realistic body proportions.

Hooray for Barbie! No longer is your childhood favorite doll an icon of completely unattainable body image-- Mattel recently came out with an all new set of Barbie dolls with varying skin tones, hair types, and body shapes, and they’re beautiful! Representation is so important for a child’s self-image, and Mattel is finally taking the hint.

2. California has broken a record, supplying six-million homes with solar energy.

California has set lofty goals regarding solar energy-- Gov. Jerry Brown has mandated that, “by 2020, 33-percent of [California’s] electricity generation would come from renewable sources” and has signed a bill, “requiring that 50-percent of all state-regulated utilities be sourced from solar, wind or hydro by 2030.” Due to the enormous amount of solar panels installed in the recent past, one very sunny day allowed CA to set a record with 8,030 megawatts of solar electricity. California is setting a really bright (ha…) example for the rest of America with its dedication to renewable energy.

3. A Michigan hospital is using Pokémon Go for therapeutic purposes.

Pokémon Go is all the rage these days, but it’s not good only for giving you one more reason to be addicted to your phone, or finding dead bodies for that matter. C.S. Mott Children's Hospital at the University of Michigan is now using the popular game to bring smiles to sick children. As said by one of the rehabilitation engineers at Mott, "One of the unique things about the game itself is that you can totally enter a new world, but still see yourself. . .It really normalizes the hospital experience for these kids. It distracts them from painful procedures, and lets them escape from what may be a scary environment to them.”

4. The NBA is moving the All-Star game from North Carolina due to their disapproval of HB2.

North Carolina’s House Bill 2, the controversial transgender bathroom bill that revoked anti-discrimination policy, has caused the NBA to move the All Star Game out of NC. It’s incredibly admirable of the NBA to take such a drastic stand against injustice. Progress! Here are just a few other things not happening in North Carolina because of this heinous law, (and that article was written months ago!)

5. Prince George celebrated his third birthday.

Brexit, shmexit, drop everything and look at this tiny royal child. OMG how cute is this kid? This darling prince turned the "big three" on July 22.

6. 500 African elephants are being moved to repopulate in Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve.

Conservationists are moving 500 elephants from two African National Parks to a wildlife reserve in which the elephant population had previously been wiped out by poachers. Bringing 500 of these gentle giants together will allow the species to repopulate, combat extinction, and recreate a thriving populations of elephants!

7. New York City has abolished the “Tampon Tax."

NYC has recently made it far easier for women to have affordable access to menstrual products. In addition to removing the tax on pads and tampons, New York City will now provide menstrual products in schools, shelters and correctional facilities. This historic legislation will hopefully lead the way to menstrual equity for the rest of the country!

8. Serena Williams won Wimbledon, her 22nd Grand Slam, which makes her tied for the tennis record.

Serena is the true queen of tennis. This lady is unstoppable. And her big win is even more significant at this point in time; while racist ideas and actions perpetuate, Serena’s win is a symbol of hope for the future.

9. 50-million trees were planted in a single day in Uttar Pradesh, India.

This tree-planting frenzy, “was part of a pledge India made at 2015’s climate change summit in Paris to increase the nation’s forest cover by 235-million acres by 2030. The government has also designated more than $6.2 billion to plant trees all over India.” Environmental activism is making strides against deforestation each day throughout the world.

10. The World’s Ugliest Dog was named, and he’s… something.

I don’t know about you, but the World’s Ugliest Dog competition is pretty much my favorite thing to ever be a thing. The winner, Sweepee-Rambo, was named Ugliest Dog June 24th. His ugliness is a celebration, and that’s a wonderful thing that is sure to make anyone smile.

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