10 Podcasts worth listening to
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10 Podcasts That Are Definitely Worth Your Time

Perhaps too revealing of a look into who I am as a person, yet equally unsurprising.


1. The Ben Shapiro Show

Ben Shapiro, my hero.

Editor and chief of The Daily Wire, Shapiro has hosted over 700 politically themed podcasts that are all beyond worth listening to in their own rite. Covering most every issue imaginable, crossing the spectrum of popular political culture today, Ben Shapiro hits the spot on conservative view-point news.

If new to his ideas, the best out of his most-recent podcasts to check out would be:

1. Ep. 699 - "Liars, D*mn Liars, And The Media."

2. Ep. 689 - "Being Radical Means Never Having To Say True Things."

3. Ep. 675 - "Shot Through The Hart."

2. The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast

Rated 5/5 stars, this podcast is just genuinely enjoyable. I realize people may not love political podcasts as much as I do— which I also am now realizing you may not like reading either, but regardless— this one is great. Funny and thought provoking, this podcast contains over 400 episodes covering a large variety of literature.

A couple of my favorites:

1. Episode 346 - "Frankenstein - Part 1."

2. Episode 247 - "Dracula - Part 1."

3. Episode 313 - "Wuthering Heights."

3. Dean Bokhari's Meaningful Show

Much more upbeat and inspiring than most of my list, Dean Bokhari is high energy, insightful, and encouraging. The show's slogan is: "to help you do more of what matters and less of what doesn't." This podcast is rated 5/5 stars, and it's easily understandable as to why; actually informative, this podcast uses common sense approaches to the application of life skills. Plus, the episodes are under 20 minutes, which is a definite bonus.

A couple of my favorites:

1. "Applying Self-Discipline the Smart Way."

2. "Self-Ownership and Skin in the Game."

3. "Goals vs Systems."

4. EngageJSU

Yes, one of my favorite things about college life is a podcast. College Pastor, Jesse Stewart, records his messages each Monday night and you can listen to them here. The past three series that he's done are available, including (1) "Hello My Shame Is," (2) "No Hard Feelings," and (3) "Relationship University."

5. The Matt Walsh Show

If you couldn't tell, I tried to space out the politically heavy ones (and even left several off the list, I'm not going to lie). So, you're welcome.

Matt Walsh, another hero of mine, writes alongside Ben Shapiro at The Daily Wire. Rich with sarcastic, dry humor (my favorite) and full of articulate and fact-backed points, committing to listen to all 182 episodes honestly wouldn't be a bad idea.

A couple of my favorites out of his most recents:

1. Ep. 177 - "Why Don't We Ever Hear About 'Toxic Femininity?'"

2. Ep. 173 - "Why Starbucks Now Need's Disposal Boxes For Heroin Needles."

3. Ep. 162 - "The Media Exploits The Tragic Death Of An Immigrant Child."

6. The Psychology Podcast

If you're interested in current events within the world of Psychology at all, this is a good one. Each episode covers a different topic and hosted by a different psychologist, providing an array of viewpoints, studies, areas of expertise, and schools of thought, keeping the show balanced and on beat.

A few of my favorites:

1. 108: "Making Good Decisions."

2. 135: "The Rise of Victimhood Culture."

3. 82: "The Neuroscience of Leadership."

7. Success 101

Similar to podcast #3, “Success 101" offers an enlightening perspective on the self-improvement needed to lead a successful life. With over 200 episodes, they've maintained a 5/5 star rating.

A few really good ones to check out:

1. #207: "Why Willpower Doesn't Work (and what does)."

2. #192: "John Spencer Ellis - Using Martial Arts, Coaching and Brain Training to Reach Peak Performance."

3. #205: "Breaking Down The Four Disciplines of Execution for Maximum Results."

8. Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey

Allie Beth Stuckey has recorded 70 intelligent, well-put podcasts through Blaze Podcast Network. Yes, it's another political podcast. Yes, it's good. Yes, I know. Yes.

Recommended for you to check out:

1. Episode 68: "This Ain't It."

2. Episode 64: "This is Disturbing."

3. Episode 44: "And This Is Why We Vote."

9. The School of Greatness

Admittedly, this was merely the product of me adding another “feel-good" podcast to my library in hopes of mellowing out my doom-and-gloom tendencies. But, it really surprised me how much I enjoyed it. This podcast is entertaining, covers many topics along the lines of those #3 and #7, and is a great in-the-car podcast to listen to, no matter who is with you.

Some of the best:

1. "Ben Shapiro: Problem-Solving in Life and Business"

2. "The Abundance Mindset."

3. "Michael Beckwith: Leave Mediocrity Behind You."

10. Criminal

See, I told you I have doom-and-gloom tendencies. Yes, this is one of my more gruesome selections, and yes, it's definitely one of my favorites. "Criminal" has been running since 2016, posting regularly the stories of intricate and complex crimes, each episode telling a new story. If you're anything like me, and have someone how come to a point in your life where you feel you've exhausted your options when it comes to crime shows on Netflix or true crime literature at the book store, this one might be for you.

Some good ones:

1. Episode 55: "The Shell Game."

2. Episode 91: "The 'It' Girl."

3. Episode 81: "Unexpected Guests."

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