The week of midterms is forever a stressful time in the life of a college student. With multiple classes requiring more attention than usual on top of on-campus responsibilities, it is easy to feel like a student drowning under everything that is going on. One of the things that easily de-stresses me is the popular NBC show "Parks and Recreation." I hope this collection of GIFs relates to you and helps to remind you that you are not alone.

1. When you're super stressed but still trying to keep it together.

Friend: "How are you feeling?"

You: "Great! Just need to do five papers, study for six tests and three projects due tomorrow. I'm fine, though!"

2. When you're in the process of studying diligently, but your study space looks like an awesome place for a good nap.

You know tomorrow is your biggest test so far this semester, but that tabletop looks way too comfortable for it to be utilized solely for academics.

3. When you did not study as hard as you should have and go into the test completely doubting yourself.

You tried your best, but you cannot help but wonder how you would have felt if you looked over that study guide a little bit closer.

4. Those questions you swear were not in your book or notes.

You're all good, just questioning everything you have done for this class up to this point. You know you have never seen those words arranged in that specific way ever before in your life.

5. When you get no sleep when you are actually supposed to be sleeping.

Everyone can relate to this. College plays by its own rules when it comes to accepted sleeping habits, so I will not judge you for getting some shut-eye at 6 a.m. before an 8 a.m. midterm.

6. That one test you know you're about to absolutely crush.

No one can stop you now. You have spent countless hours memorizing terms, formulas and example problems, so now, it's time to show this exam who the real threat is.

7-9. When midterms are finally over.

It's such a glorious feeling when the second hardest week of the year is finally behind you, so treat yo'self! (It's the best day of the year!)

10. But no judgment if you need to make up for some lost shut-eye.

I know I have talked about sleep a lot in this article, but you never truly appreciate the value of sleep until a hard week like this comes around.

Good luck to everyone still taking midterms or studying for them! Just remember that a trip to Pawnee, Ind., is only a Netflix subscription away if you need a little break.