10 Nail Polish Colors That You Should Try This Summer

10 Nail Polish Colors That You Should Try This Summer

Essie truly provides every color on the spectrum

Having the perfect color nails is essential to starting the summer off right. With these 10 nail polish colors by Essie, you will definitely make a sassy summer statement.

1. Capri

Capri is a “fiery hot creamy orange” color. If you are one of those people who can not decide between orange and red, then you should definitely try this fun color. Capri will not fail to be the perfect pop of color that brings out your gorgeous summer tan.

2. Mint Candy Apple

Essie describes this color as a “creme de menthe mint.” Mint Candy Apple is Essie’s most tweeted nail polish color. It’s the perfect pastel green if you’re looking for a not-so bright yet fun summer color.

3. Lilacism

A “satiny smooth lilac” color. Lilacism is another soft summer color. Its pale color will complement any skin tone, which is rare to find in most polish colors. If you want your nails to flaunt a “pretty-in-purple” look this summer, then Lilacism is the color for you.

4. Chillato

The name speaks for itself. Chillato is a “frozen cream pistachio” color that will send chills down your spine at a first glance. It’s a refreshing color for a hot summer day when you just need to “chill.”

5. Pink-A-Boo

Pink-A-Boo is “a sheer pink with glittery sparkle.” Everyone knows that pink is a great color to coat your nails with in the summertime, and Pink-A-Boo’s sheer and glittery accent will help your nail color to not just be another drab pink polish.

6. Where's My Chauffeur?

An “opulent turquoise.” Where’s My Chauffeur is the ultimate blue-green combo. There is no doubt that all eyes will wander to your turquoise nails when walking down the street this summer.

7. Play Date

If you’re a purple-lover and Lilacism was too much of a hushed tone for you, then this is definitely your color. Play Date is described by Essie as a “flirtatious soft purple.” Don’t let its description as being “soft” fool you. This color is bound to impress with its edgy tone, and applying two coats to your nails will allow Play Date to be bold and bright.

8. Mochachino

Mochacino is described as a “perky gray with shimmer.” This polish appears on your nails as a taupe color with a silver shimmery touch. If you tend to shy away from the typical bright summer shades but are a fan of more neutral tones, then you should definitely give Mochacino a go.

9. Cascade Cool

Cascade Cool’s “creamy, sweet dusty pink” color is how it became Essie’s most liked polish color on Facebook. If you’re tired of resorting to flamingo pink as your go-to pink polish color and want to go brighter than Pink-A-Boo, then Cascade Cool is the way to go this summer.

And finally, my personal favorite…

10. Bikini So Teeny

This color is a “sparkling, cornflower blue.” Bikini So Teeny’s beautiful blue hues allow it to appear on your nails as the perfect baby blue with a slight purple hint. This color never fails to make a statement, hence why it has been my go-to summer polish color for years.

Cover Image Credit: Canadian Beauty

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There's a huge difference between being modest while breastfeeding and just being straight up careless, trashy and disrespectful to those around you. Why don't you try popping out a boob without a baby attached to it and see how long it takes for you to get arrested for public indecency? Strange how that works, right?

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I Turned My Old Pair Of Leggings Into A Shirt!

Turning your old clothes into something that you can wear everyday!


Have you ever found yourself going through your closet, searching through endless amounts of clothes only to find that you actually have nothing to wear?

Well, that is me all the time.

I feel like I struggle constantly to find something that will me "good". I always watch on Instagram, Facebook, and even Snapchat about videos of people transforming their old clothes into something fun and trendy. Let's rewind the story a little bit to last Thursday:

My usual plans for Thursday are school and then coaching color guard; last Thursday we did not have guard so I had a free night. What to do with my time? Then the idea hit me:


My heart was full of excitement, but my wallet was trembling in fear; especially when it came to Charlotte Russe. In there, I feel like I can spend hours in there just trying on different clothes. So of course, my wallet is still trembling and telling me to just pick ONE thing. And so I did, a little white dress with spaghetti straps.

Flash forward to that Saturday:

After a LOOOOONG day of work, I get home to get ready to go out with one of my best friends. She is sending me pictures of what she's going to wear, while I am trying to figure our what I should wear with my new dress. It's about twenty-six degrees out, and I don't want to be freezing the whole night.

Eventually, my friend tells me to wear a black long sleeve shirt. The only problem with this is that the only shirts I have like that are v-neck, and when I did try on the dress with the shirt; it did not look cute at all. at this point, I am laying on a pile of clothes knowing that I only have a little bit of time to get ready. I am frustrated and angry.

Why does everything look terrible?

Then, in a pile that is supposed to be donated, I find a pair of all black fleece leggings. Another light bulb went off: Make it into a shirt! I had seen soo many videos of people doing it and the "shirts" looking really cute, but at the same time, I felt like I would totally screw it up.

Just send it.

That phrase kept popping in my mind, and so I finally sent it. The "shirt" actually came out really well! my outfit looked cute and people kept telling me how adorable it was! Plus, the fleece leggings did keep me warm in the chilly night.

Overall, I feel like some of the DIY videos you see are sketchy, but the leggings are a for sure go to!

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