Rupi Kaur is a writer and artist based in Toronto, Canada. Her self-published collection of poems titled 'Milk and Honey' incorporate themes of love, loss, trauma, healing, and femininity. Her words have a way of touching on personal experiences and emotions that we have all felt before. Below are a few of the poems in her collection that might speak to you in ways that only language can.

1. "When it is time to move on"

2. "When they are the one"

3. "When you need a little taste of reality"

4. "When you need to be humbled"

5. "When you are feeling lonely"

6. "When you are doubting yourself, and need a reminder"

7. "When babygirl..."

8. "...He did not know what he had"

9. "When you can't get enough"

10. "When you need strength"

11. "And when every little thing, will be alright"

These are just a few of the incredible pieces in Kaur's collection that really speak to almost anyone. Take a look back at some more of her work and I guarantee you will find enlightenment, reflection, and healing.