10 Memes That Accurately Describe A College Student During Break

10 Memes That Accurately Describe A College Student During Break

Every college student looks forward to winter break...then the boredom sets in


After the craziness of finals week is over and grades are in, it's that time of year where everyone goes home for a month. Leaving friends and the craziness of college is always hard, but going home to a big bed, your friends, and home cooked meals makes it all better. The first couple of weeks is spent with family and friends but after the holiday's is when the boredom sets in. Going for such a long time without classwork while everyone is off at their jobs and school can drive someone crazy! Here are 10 memes that accurately describes how college students feel during this time.


We all know finals can be stressful. Wait, scratch that, they are stressful. Which is why this meme is everyone I know when they finished their last final.


This is more accurate than anyone will ever know. Yes, the cafe food can be okay most days, but what you need more than anything in your life is a nice home cooked meal.


Everyone in my family would be questioning what I'm doing every single time I'm on the couch with a piece of paper and ask if it's homework. This meme answers that question in a heartbeat.


You and your best friend goes your separate paths once the both of you start college. However, you are in each other's hearts and you always want to spend time together. So this meme, is completely accurate.


This one is holiday related, so it's self explanatory, thank you Elf.


With the new year finally approaching, this meme is what we see on TV every year.


Thank you Fairly Odd-parents, for the accuracy of my everyday life.


Nearing the end of break, or halfway through, this word is everyone wanting to be back to see their college friends.


Losing track of the day is like Summer time all over again, but you know you have to go back to school in a short time.


You enjoyed your break while it lasted, but you know you wanted to go back to see your friends and finish off your college career strong.

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