10 Local Restaurants To Order Delivery From In Forsyth During Quarantine
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10 Local Restaurants To Order Delivery From In Forsyth During Quarantine

They need your support.

10 Local Restaurants To Order Delivery From In Forsyth During Quarantine

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting everything in the world right now, and restaurants have been chief among them. These are 5 to 10 local restaurants in your hometown or college campus, and how customers can help support them during

SHADE Pizza + Bar


This pizzeria serves up a colorful variety of dishes despite its small size. They work extremely well with what they've got, and are worth a check-out.

South Main Kitchen


A restaurant that cooks classic southern recipes takes the next spot. South Main Kitchen takes traditional recipes from the lower portion of the United States and ads their own twists onto them, making for a delicious meal.




Another pizza place comes into the number three spot, with Campania dishing out authentic Italian-style pizza, going back to the roots of the dish. You can never go wrong with pizza, so it should be on your bucket list to give this a try!


3:8 Juice & Eatery


3:8 Juice & Eatery is a vegan smoothie and meal bar, with a very unique atmosphere of its own. It has something for everyone regardless of your taste preferences, so make sure you visit it at some point!


Flatlands Bourbon and Bayou


This restaurant with Louisiana roots serves up mouthwatering picture-perfect meals that will always leave you wanting more. It’s style is quite different from anything in Georgia, and may give you the little bit of the world outside that you need.




This burger place serves up an array of absolutely stunning burgers and morning foods. They're the guilty pleasures that we always want, combined into a single place and dished directly to you.

Salt Factory Pub

Modeled after English bars, this restaurant gives a surprising cozy and homey environment with its stone walls and little divots into the wall for you to sit in, it claims to have an unbeatable beer list, a fact which I’m too young to legally justify. https://www.saltfactorypub.com/

Ten Bistro


Ten bistro gives you a variety of dinners that will most definitely appeal to your taste buds. From Brie, to nachos, wings, and burgers, to multiple delectable dishes using chicken and shrimp, this place is a must see.


Butcher & Brew


Just looking at the next restaurant on this list’s food will have even the most strong willed people feeling their mouth water. Like every other restaurant on this list, it serves up its own rakes on classic dishes, cuz that’s what a restaurant is supposed to do.


Coalition Food and Beverage


Oh thank freaking Jesus we’re at the end I’m already clocked out. Even though this qualifies as a “small” restaurant, it’s actually quite large and has multiple floors. If you’re looking for food that makes you feel like and elite member of society, go on a pheasant.


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