10 Life Hacks You'll Want To Know For College
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Student Life

10 Life Hacks You'll Want To Know For College

Making the most of your college experience can be tricky, but it is so worth it.

10 Life Hacks You'll Want To Know For College

Getting adjusted and doing well in college is definitely not an easy task! These tips will make your year more enjoyable and successful.

1. Do not overbook yourself.

It is a better idea to devote your time fully to one or two activities rather than seven or eight. This is a hard concept for some people because being involved is fun, keeps you busy, and looks good on a resume. However, I guarantee that knowing everything about the fewer activities you take part in and by taking on some leadership roles in the group, the employer will be more impressed with your commitment values, time management skills, and leadership skills.

2. You will struggle to make friends.

The people you meet that first week of college are most likely not going to be the group of people you end up calling your close friends, and that's okay. Those people who you first meet will be extremely important to you in finding out who your true friends are and you will always have them to thank for that.

3. There are always resources to help you succeed.

Even if your college doesn't offer a tutoring service through the library or other campus group, there will be a broke college student somewhere out there that you could find on social media to get help for a small price. There are also resources online and on the college website to help you do well. Use office hours if your professor stresses them, it is likely attending will help you get a better grade in the class.

4. You will have a quarter-life crisis.

Though I have yet to suffer through mine, I have many friends who have experienced this. Basically, major anxiety over what you are doing in life sets in and it causes major stress. It is okay to not be one-hundred percent sure with what you want to do with your life if you feel you are in the wrong major. Go see an advisor, they are getting paid to help you make these important decisions, and they will do a great job making you see what you couldn't before.

5. Do not go home every weekend.

True friendship bonding happens on the weekends when there is no class stress and no extracurricular meetings to attend. Even if you are homesick, try face-timing mom or dad, and then go get lunch and frozen yogurt with your new buddies.

6. You need to understand the power of portions.

The freshman 15 can be very real, and it can happen very quickly. You must watch what you eat because even if you do not eat out and only eat dining center food, there are so many foods to choose, which makes it extremely easy to fill up your plate with too much and a lot of unhealthy choices.

7. You need to wake up at 7:50am when class registration starts at 8am.

If you wake up at 8:05am, it is likely that at least one of the classes you were planning to take is full. There is no chance of being added to a class once it is already full because it is your own personal fault. So, be prepared and get ready so you can have the schedule that you want.

8. You need a calendar.

There are events, homework assignments, exams, papers, meetings, paperwork deadlines, financial payment reminders, and birthdays that you need to remember, and there is no way you will be able to do it all without having it written down somewhere! Use a calendar app or google to organize everything into one place. Delete events as they come and go.

9. You need a mattress pad.

And it need to be a good one. 3 inches would be ideal. The beds are uncomfortable and make you feel even further away from home than you actually are, so save yourself and invest in a good mattress pad so that you may sleep well and comfortable for the full school year.

10. Put your phone down.

It is important that while walking alone at night, which you should never be doing anyways, you stay off your phone and be alert to your surroundings. Bad things do happen, they happen everywhere. It doesn't matter if you live in Safetown USA, there are people who get sexually assaulted and left behind. Try to have pepper spray, but more importantly, stay in a group and watch each others backs.

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