10 Stages Of Getting Let Down In Dating, As Told By Shameless

10 Stages Of Getting Let Down In Dating, As Told By Shameless

It seems like you can never find Mr. Right.

If you're anything like me, you may be quite unlucky in the boy department. You just can't seem to find the right one, and when you think you do, the feelings just aren't mutual and you're let down yet again. It's a process that keeps repeating itself, and you can't help think that you may never find Mr. Right. So, ladies, here's a step by step process of what it feels like to constantly be let down by a boy, as told by Shameless characters.

1. So after the last let down, you swore to yourself you would take a break from boys and focus on yourself.

2. But, then another cute boy waltzes into your life and you just can't help yourself.

3. Things are going really well, but you're still trying to tell yourself not to catch feelings.

4. Buuuuuuuut, you catch feelings.

5. Could it be? It seems like they may actually feel the same about you for once!

6. SIKE. Then they randomly start ignoring you.

7. A couple days turn into a week, and you've faced the reality that they just didn't like you as much as you liked them, just like you thought would happen.

8. You can't stop thinking about what went wrong, but then you noticed they've moved on to another girl.

9. And you're super upset with yourself because you were waiting for this to happen, but you still caught feelings anyway.

10. But then you stop moping around and realize who you are!

So, don't worry. This may happen to you over and over again, but give it time and the right guy will come into your life eventually!

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I Promise, He Is Not The One That Got Away

You will never have to chase what is meant to stay.


You miss him. You miss the hugs, the laughs, the inside jokes. You miss hearing his voice over phone calls, you miss the late night drives, you miss the fun adventures. You miss your best friend.

The guy that you loved so much, that you once planned a future with, that you haven't had to imagine life without in so long, is suddenly gone. No explanation will make it easier, or less confusing, or less unfair.

You're probably thinking that you'll never move on. You're thinking that this pain you're feeling will stay with you forever. You think that you lost the love of your life, because how could a bond so strong not be meant to last forever?

Leaving the familiar is terrifying. It is so easy to believe that this was the greatest love you will ever experience. You're afraid to leave behind the memories. You don't want to start over, because no relationship you have with anyone else will ever be the same. Nobody is him, and nobody will ever be him. Scary, isn't it? Actually, no. This is the greatest truth that you can admit to yourself right now. Nobody will ever be him.

He left. He hurt you. He made you feel unworthy. He did not choose to love you the way that you deserve. Yes, he did make you happy for a season of your life. This is a beautiful thing, and you shouldn't deny it. Just because he did not make you happy forever does not erase the time you spent together. Every relationship leaves behind memories, and these memories will always be pieces of your life. It is okay to think about them. You will be thankful for them one day.

Love is not always meant to last forever. Loving someone does not bind you to each other for eternity. It's unfair, and it feels impossible to let a love go. Especially when you were certain you would never have to. You fear that he was "the one that got away". I promise you, this is so far from true. "The one" would not leave. He would choose to love you even through the rough times, instead of walking away. Saying someone is "the one that got away" is a counterintuitive statement, and frankly it's a load of BS. Yeah, sure, he got away, but would "the one" really put you through endless amounts of pain and suffering? Or would "the one" treat you with respect and love you the way you deserve?

I've been in this same situation, fearing that my ex is the person that I am supposed to be with and that I let him get away. But truthfully, I didn't let him get away. He chose to leave all on his own. And that by itself should be a sign that he really is NOT "the one". If you have to chase and beg and bargain with someone for them to be in your life, odds are they're not meant to be there anyway.

It ended because better is out there. It ended because the relationship was no longer best for the both of you. It may feel like you lost the best thing in your life, but there is a reason for it. If something leaves, it means that that something is no longer supposed to be in your life. And that means that you will be better off without it. He is not "the one that got away", because "the one" would do everything in his power to stay.

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