If you're anything like me, you may be quite unlucky in the boy department. You just can't seem to find the right one, and when you think you do, the feelings just aren't mutual and you're let down yet again. It's a process that keeps repeating itself, and you can't help think that you may never find Mr. Right. So, ladies, here's a step by step process of what it feels like to constantly be let down by a boy, as told by Shameless characters.

1. So after the last let down, you swore to yourself you would take a break from boys and focus on yourself.

2. But, then another cute boy waltzes into your life and you just can't help yourself.

3. Things are going really well, but you're still trying to tell yourself not to catch feelings.

4. Buuuuuuuut, you catch feelings.

5. Could it be? It seems like they may actually feel the same about you for once!

6. SIKE. Then they randomly start ignoring you.

7. A couple days turn into a week, and you've faced the reality that they just didn't like you as much as you liked them, just like you thought would happen.

8. You can't stop thinking about what went wrong, but then you noticed they've moved on to another girl.

9. And you're super upset with yourself because you were waiting for this to happen, but you still caught feelings anyway.

10. But then you stop moping around and realize who you are!

So, don't worry. This may happen to you over and over again, but give it time and the right guy will come into your life eventually!