10 Lessons On What I Have Learned.
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10 Lessons On What I Have Learned.

What I have learned from the past 40+ years

10 Lessons On What I Have Learned.
Created by T.L. Hicks

Life brings us challenges. We either win, learn or fail at those challenges. We may face the same problems, but what we learn from them can and will be different. Everyone has a different viewpoint, does not mean they are wrong or right. Their path is theirs, and yours is yours and mine are mine.

As I grew older, my outlook on life changed. What seemed important a few years ago is not so important now. What I took, and taking, from my 40+ years will differ from you. The way I experience life differs from yours, so what I learned may not be any benefit to you, again it may.

1. What I have learned:

Differing from everyone else is okay. If we were all the same, it would be boring.

2. What I have learned:

Being alone is okay. There is nothing wrong with going to events or eating by yourself and doing the things you like by yourself.

3. What I have learned:

People misunderstand the word “support.” Support does not always mean money. Supporting could be word of mouth, sharing on social media, commenting on social media or words of encouragement.

4. What I have learned:

Friends and family will not always be there for me or have my back. They have their own lives to live, and I am the last person they want to talk to or see.

5. What I have learned:

Speaking my mind is not a good thing. It is better to write my thoughts out on paper then to post them on social media. Either people will not respond, or they will get on my case, and I end up deleting the post or comment.

6. What I have learned:

You do nothing on your own. There is someone there to help you. Your parents helped you by raising you and sending you to school. The teachers helped you by teaching your ABC’s, 123’s and history. You got the job because the interviewer believed in you and decided you hire you, or someone pulled strings to get you hired. I am trying to learn Daz 3d. I am teaching myself via YouTube videos, which means I am not doing it alone, those people who created those videos are helping me.

7. What I have learned:

I need little. 98% of my stuff is in storage. My books, pictures and other items. Heck, I don’t even have a bed. I sleep on a broken hide-a-bed, a step up from sleeping on inflatable beds that the cats kept poking holes in and deflating. I find myself not wanting to buy things because I don’t NEED them. I don’t need to go to a gym to work out. I can do so in my home or go to the park. I don’t even have a smart phone, I have a tablet and a computer, though.

8. What I have learned:

Not everything in life is for everyone. My life is simple, reading, writing, researching and questing on World of Warcraft. I love sitting outside soaking in nature. My husband is social. He works outside the home, loves martial arts and is doing dungeons on Dungeons and Dragons online game, or in World of Warcraft. He only likes the outside if it is cold. And, he has no problem talking to people and making friends with everyone. He is an opposite of me.

9. What I have learned:

Life is what I make it with what I have. I have little. I have no vehicle to get me places. There is a transportation service, but you must call by noon the day before for a ride, and that’s if one is available. Sometimes they are book months in advance. My husband rides his bike everywhere. He brings in $700-$800 a month, and we seem to make it work, and we are happy.

10. What I have learned:

RESPECT is not earned, it is given.TRUST is earned. I respect all things, does not mean I trust all things. I respect vehicles, don’t mean I trust the vehicles not to blow up while I am in them. I respect wild life, does not mean I trust them not to kill or hurt me when I trespass. I respect my first husband, but I don’t trust him, not even with my life. I respect humans, doesn’t mean I trust them not to kill or hurt me. I respect Mother Nature, is not to say I don’t trust her not to whip up a storm that can destroy me. And I respect you, the person who is reading this. I may not trust you, but I respect you.

I encourage you to reflect on your own life. What lessons have you learned that you could give on to others? Every life is different, what I learned in my life may differ from yours. It does not mean your life is better or worse than mine. Life lessons can come at any age, not just from an old fart like myself. Just to let you know, I am not done learning my life lessons, and neither have you.

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