10 Things I Learned When I Turned 21

21, what I like to consider the final age of milestones to adulthood. At 16 we are able to drive, and 18 we are legally adults that do not have curfews and sign our own documents. And at 21, we can legally consume alcohol. 21 is basically a wake up call. This is it, you are officially in your twenties. Welcome to adulthood! So, now what?

10 things I learned when I turned 21:

1. "Adulting" is not as easy as it seems

2. It is time to put a plan in place for the future

3. Work hard, play hard

4. Explore the world

5. Be able to balance out the important things in your life

6. Learn money management skills

7. Find a career that suits you and makes you happy

8. Time to figure out how to be an independent individual

9. Take risks

10. Do what makes you happy

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