10 Important Life Lessons You Learned In Kindergarten
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10 Important Life Lessons You Learned In Kindergarten

Because, what else do we really need to know?

10 Important Life Lessons You Learned In Kindergarten

Your Kindergarten teacher placed such importance on things that as kids seemed so useless and unnecessary, but all that reiteration wasn't for nothing, because a lot of these lessons can still help us out as adults, with a little tweaking.

1. Sharing is caring.

Sure, as adults, it's a little deeper than letting that mean boy use your blue crayon when you are done with it, but the fundamental idea is still there. If you share, whether it be your experiences, your knowledge, your love, there's a good chance someone is going to return the favor and give it back to you. So how different is it, really?

2. Clean up your mess.

Again, this now applies to more than re-stacking the bricks or putting the Tonka trucks back in the right bin, but your life will be less dirty, stressful, and hectic if you remember to clean up as you go and after yourself, like your Kindergarten teacher told you over and over and over again.

3. Hold someone's hand.

This have been slightly more literal back then, for when you crossed the street or walked in the halls, but no matter how old you are, nobody likes to go through things alone. Whether you are happy, sad, stressed, or just bored, life is so much more fulfilling when you have someone next to you. Whether this is a parent, sibling, friend, or spouse, it really can be anyone as long as they are always there for you.

4. Color inside the lines.

I don't know how many adults pull out a coloring book very often (it is supposedly a good stress reliever, so maybe we should), but the "lines" of a picture are similar to the rules of life, trying to keep you constrained to what everyone else thinks you should do. However, how will you ever know what the picture could have looked like with color outside the lines if you never try it? Sometimes Kindergartener's pictures get a little messy, but who is to say that isn't the beauty of it? Don't forget to step outside of the lines of life sometimes; you never know what is out there.

5. Treat others how you want to be treated.

Chances are that this was on a poster on the wall at some point during you schooling and for good reason because this will be always be pertinent. No matter how old you get or where you go or what you do in life, it doesn't matter, everyone wants to be treated well. Make sure you take time in your life to think about that shiny, most likely tacky poster that you once stared at on the wall because what was on it is extremely important!

6. Use your imagination.

Most likely you heard your teachers say this, whether it was in art class or during story time, referring to being creative. However, don't forget every now and then to be creative and think about things from another perspective that you wouldn't normally see. It can open your eyes to whole new things in many facets of life.

7. Listen.

Whomever it may be that is speaking, they are talking to you for a reason. Whether it be someone attempting to help you, a friend who needs a shoulder to cry on, a lecture in class, or anything else, open your ears and tune into whatever is going on around you.

8. Nap.

This may not necessarily be as frequent as they were back in the day, but getting rest, both sleeping in the night and sometimes a mid-day nap are important. Ample sleep enables you to better make use of the time during the day, so make sure you catch enough Zs to keep your life on track.

9. Balance is key.

Your Kindergarten teacher was the master of switching the class from playing to reading back to playing then focusing on math or science and so much more, and I think we can all learn lesson from our teachers. Everyone needs a little variety in their life, not just in school but in all aspects. It's always good to switch it up and spread your time out.

10. Be happy.

If you walk into a Kindergarten classroom, the only sadness is caused when they can't get their favorite toy or they can't play with their favorite friend, and I think we can all learn a lesson from that. Live a life of happiness and without sadness. Who doesn't want to be more like a kindergartener?

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