1. Pedicures / Manicures.

You literally both understand the beauty of nail polish and soft skin, and you want to share that with each other.

2. Her closet is your closet.

You didn't spend all that time in the closet for nothing.

3. Need a tampon/pad — you're covered.

One month, two periods. Chances are, one of you will have a stash of products available for the other.

4. Double the makeup.

That shade of eye-shadow not working out for you? Good thing you can totally raid your girlfriends makeup, with her permission of course.

5. Period cramps? Relatable.

You don't have to worry about censoring your grief over your period cramps and pains. Chances are, she will totally understand and maybe she'll bring you a bowl of ice-cream.

6. You can be each other's own hairstylist.

In heterosexual relationships, a man might not understand the art of the hair bun. However, your girlfriend will.

7. She can take your bra off on the first try.

Whether you can't reach your clasp, or you're reaching for something else — she's got you (un)covered.

8. Sleepovers are easier.

Forgot to bring your lotion, face wash, or makeup wipes? She's got you covered. She's even got sweet pea body wash in the shower.

9. Sleepovers are much easier.

Still in the closet? Good thing there's nothing suspicious about two girls spending the night together, especially when your parents are oblivious.

10. She's #clitterate.

If you don't know what this means, I'm deeply sorry.