What Are You Grateful For This Holiday Season?

Well, it is that time of year again. The holidays are around the corner and you are probably stressing about finals, Christmas shopping, and who knows what else. You are probably drowning in your school work, trying to figure out how you are going to be able to afford to eat until you go home next (every broke college kid feels this), and how you can budget for Christmas shopping. Maybe, you are drowning in your emotions as you watch everyone you know getting married, getting engaged, having babies, and you are just sitting over here single as a Pringle. Or maybe, the holidays is a difficult time for you because you recently lost someone you truly care about. Whatever it may be, here are 10 things you should remember to be grateful for this holiday season:


Sometimes you hate them and sometimes you love them, but they are your family and they always will be. Remember to spend some quality time with them this season.


Your friends are your family away from home. They are the ones you go to, the ones you laugh with, and quite honestly, sometimes they are the ones who get you through the hardest of times. Remember to thank your friends for always being there for you and always having your back.


You have a roof over your head and a place to stay warm. Some don't even have that. So, this winter, remember to give back to the community. Donate your old warm clothes to the homeless shelters, donate sleeping bags, blankets, etc.

 Your education

Whether you pay for it or not, you are lucky to be able to go to school everyday and continue to learn. Someday, your degree will make a difference when it comes to getting a job.

Your health

Everyone seems to get sick when the weather gets cold. Be grateful that you are as healthy as you are and remember to always work to be healthier.

 Your job

Not everyone has a job, remember that. You at least have some money coming in, that is better than nothing.


You are lucky to live in a free country. Remember that.


Sometimes we take for granted the fact that we have snacks to eat after class or the full meal that will be waiting for us on the table when we get home. Remember to be grateful as not everyone has this ability. Remember to give back this holiday season and donate to your local food pantries and food drives.


While you are cramming for finals or staying up late last minute Christmas shopping, be grateful for that coffee in your hand. Some of us just can't seem to function without it.


They are a blessing that's for sure. Remember to pet your furry friends this winter and spoil the puppies with new toys.

Enjoy your holiday season and remember to be grateful.

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