The beach is an escape that most people want to enjoy. However, some don't understand the unwritten rules of keeping the peace and making sure that everyone has the best time possible.

Follow these simple steps, and you are sure to avoid judging stares and side-eye while soaking up the sun.

1. Never feed the seagulls (AKA “Rats with Wings”)!

They’re not cute or friendly. They become relentless scavengers that will stop at nothing to get food. Seagulls learn to go into peoples' bags, dive bomb and snatch food right from your hands.

2. Don’t wear crocs.

They’re not cute, and it wouldn’t kill you to just buy a pair of flip flops!

3. Sitting directly next to someone while the beach is practically empty is a big no-no.

The buddy system may work in the water, but on land, personal space is essential.

4. Wear sunscreen.

Period. It doesn’t need an explanation, unless you wish to see melanoma in your future.

5. Don’t shake out your sandy towel in people’s faces.

Take note of the wind, walk into an empty area and wave it like you just don’t care. The easiest way to not piss people off at the beach is by keeping the sand out of their eyes and mouths.

6. Pick up after yourself and others.

Everyone who enjoys the beach, enjoys a clean beach! If you see trash anywhere, pick it up. Do your part to maintain the beautiful sand.

7. Listen to the lifeguards.

They’re not just there to look buff, chiseled and ripped. They are actually there to do a job (but also while looking hot).

8. Fill your holes.

No one wants to see their life flash before them as they take an unexpected stumble into a massive sand hole.

9. Don’t blast your music.

Riff Raff may sound good to you, but not everyone has your sophisticated taste.

10. Keep it PG.

Language, PDA and exposure are included.

Follow these simple 10 guidelines, and you’re sure to avoid all the dirty looks.