Things To Keep In Your Glove Compartment
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10 Essentials To Have In Your Glove Compartment

Especially if you plan on taking your car to college.


Your glove compartment might as well be just like your bag. It's going to have all the same essentials you carry around every day. Now instead of digging through your bag, you'll dig through your glove compartment instead. Here are 10 necessities to store in your glove compartment for every situation:

1. Registration

In the event you get pulled over on your long or short drive, this is the first thing along with your license the cop is going to ask for.

2. Certificate of insurance

I honestly don't know when you'd need this, possibly when you get pulled over along with your license and registration. But my parents always make sure its up to date in my car.

3. Baby wipes

Working in a daycare, you quickly learn that baby wipes are a multi-purpose tool. They're perfect for anything from sticky messes on the seats to the windows.

4. Hand sanitizer

Especially going in and out of stores all year long, the hand sanitizer will come in handy.

5. Hand cream

Hand sanitizer can dry out your hands along with the cold weather, hand cream helps.

6. Chapstick

I mean, there's a chapstick in every other corner of your life, so why not throw one in your car too?

7. Pens and pencils

You never know when you'll have to write something down while on a phone call, hopefully parked, or your passenger may need one.

8. Energy bar

For those random moments of hunger that come out of no where, especially on a long drive, a small snack is necessary.

9. Gum/mints

Another "chapstick scenario." Why not have gum in your car when you've got it everywhere else anyway?

10. E-Z Pass

This is perfect for those cross state and long drives. Who wants to wait on the cash line at the toll booth anyway? I know I don't.

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