10 Gift Ideas Under $20

Are you stressed from finals and holiday shopping? What if I told you I could solve both here. Take a break from studying for finals and finish your holiday shopping without leaving your room. Find a gift that will sure to match your friend's personality without you breaking your bank.

1. These cute journals for the writer of the squad.

Urban Outfitters - $12 Marble Journal

2. These cute socks to complete your cat lover friend's collection.

Cute Dose - $9.99 Cat Face Socks

3. A warm chunky scarf for the friend that gets easily cold.

The Mason Jar Boutique - $18.00 Encore Chucky Infinity Scarf

4. Or if scarves aren't her thing there is always a soft blanket with her name on it.

Once Upon a Time Bowtique - $14.97 Gray White Elephant Gray Minky Blanket

5. If you have a coffee lover on your list then here a is coffee mug she will be sure to remember you by.

Why Not Envy Me Boutique - $14.95 Folk Art Mug - Elephant by Natural Life

6. How about a pair of salt and pepper shakers for the friend that spices up you life.

Urban Treehouse - $18.00 Cactus Salt & Pepper Shakers

7. Stack up your make-up obsessed friend with some major essentials.

Free Makeup Brushes - $19.99 Five Piece "Oval Toothbrush" Makeup Brush Set

8. How about some inspirational bags that will keep your friends a little motivated everyday.

Sweet Water Decor - $20 Hello Gorgeous Makeup Bag

9. Give you gym friend a little love too

Nallashop - $14.90 Cardio Is Hardio T-shirt

10. Don't forget to bless your music lover friend with a vinyl of their favorite album.

Amazon - $15.51 Lana Del Rey Vinyl

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