10 Gifs That Explain Exactly What Finals Week Is Like

Finals week is approaching, which means that we're almost done with school and finals, but it also means we're a week away from not seeing some of our closest friends. All of these stressors lead to a highly mixed feeling of anticipating being done but nostalgia at leaving for the summer. Here's how you may be feeling.

1. The week leading up to finals week in which you have no homework.

2. The night before your first final.

3. Waking up the morning of your first final.

4. Realizing you actually know what you're doing during the test.

5. ...Or realizing you don't.

6. The liberating feeling of your first final being over.

7. ...Until you realize you still have four more.

8. When your first friend leaves.

9. When you finally finish your last final.

10. When it's your turn to leave school and go home for three months.

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