We've all been there. No money, used up meal swipes, or you're just feeling too lazy to leave your dorm. Here are some essentials that make the starving college kid's life a little better.

10. Mac and Cheese bowls

These EasyMac or Velveeta cups are the perfect fix to help you feel full for a while. Just make sure to not burn yourself from the hot water that gets heated up. Add that cheese packet and enjoy!!!

9. Granola Bars

Now I'm not saying a granola bar should be a meal, but if you're on the go, having a little something really does help versus having nothing to eat.

8. Mini Cereal bowls

Those little bowls that often come at the price of 10 for $10 can be a serious life saver when you don't want to get out of bed to pour out that gigantic cereal box that is just going to make a mess. Hey, you don't even need milk since some cereals are just delicious without it.

7. Frozen meals

Microwave lasagna is just one of the many options available when you don't feel like or have the proper material to make food from scratch. Just put that lasagna or whatever kind of TV Dinner in the microwave for a couple of minutes and you are good to go.

6. Raviolis

They are so simple and a childhood staple. It takes a few minutes to cook some raviolis and have a whole meal set for dinner. A high recommendation.

5. Hummus

That's stuff is full of heart healthy protein and it can fill you up in no time. There's a variety of flavors and it's good for you, who could disagree?

4. Lunchables

When all else fails, why not resort to that childhood snack that even came with a little something's for dessert.

3. Premade sandwiches

You can usually find them in any grocery store and some gas stations. If you have no time to make you're own, just go and grab one of those convenientally done-for-you items.

2. Protein shakes

I feel you don't have time to stop and use a microwave, try a protein shake. It's like getting the liquid stuff and the nutrients of food you need to obtain a sufficient number of calories.

1. Ramen

It has become an infamous college staple. Loved and praised by so many who need a cheap meal, Ramen is the way to go. There are many different flavors of this quick and easy meal. Just add water the flavor packet. It is the king of easy go-to's for any college kid.

Maybe some of these items can help other fellow college students find meals that won't cost them an arm and a leg...literally.