10 Completely Understandable, Real-Life Excuses To Skip THAT Class

In college, it's so easy to not want to leave bed and go to class.

It's a lot harder in high school to skip class than it is in college, that's why so many students do it. And us college students will literally come up with ANYTHING to avoid going to class. I've heard some pretty outrageous excuses for not coming to class. When it comes to making up excuses to skipping class, we get pretty creative. And trust me, there is a TON of excuses to come up with. These just happen to be the Top 10:

1. It's too early

During registration we all try to avoid those 8am and 9am classes but sometimes we just can't and hope that attendance isn't counted toward your grade. When it's time to wake up and get ready, we decide otherwise and sleep in.

2. Car troubles

Sometimes, this is very real excuse for skipping class, however, your car problems are probably very minor and could get you around but instead, you've deemed your immobile for class.

3. Lazy

You just didn't feel like getting up and getting ready. I've been guilty of this before.

4. Overslept

You slept through your alarm and you pop up 5 minutes before class starts. You're gonna be really late and miss half the class anyways, eh, might as well just not go now.

5. More important classes

There are people that I have met that will skip a class that isn't really important or doesn't really count toward their major to work on homework or study for other, more important classes.

6. Just not "feeling it"

You wake up one day and decide you're not going to class because you just don't feel like it.

7. Probably going to fail anyways

It's the last month of the semester and you realize that there really is no saving your grade in your class so rather than stress about it, you just take the L and stop going until the final.

8. You don't like it

It's one of those required classes you have to take in order to start your major classes and you really just do not like it so you just don't go half the time.

9. Your professor sucks

A lot of the time, part of the reason why people don't like a certain class, it's because of the professor. If the professor sucks, it'll make you want to skip that class every time.

10. Sick

The most basic of all excuses. Wake up and feel just a little bit off? Oh, gotta skip class and rest.

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