10 Essential Feel-Good Jams For Your Next Roadtrip

10 Essential Feel-Good Jams For Your Next Roadtrip

A collection of upbeat tunes to make the drive fly by.

Nich Hance McElroy

As of recent, I have been keeping a running list of songs that fit well for drives to anywhere. While these collections all have different vibes, they maintain that same ambient, yet engaging sound. For this article's sake, I have narrowed down the songs into smaller playlists. This first list contains more upbeat jams that will add to any road trip.

1. "Dark Days" by Local Natives

A captivating song to start off the list, which features both male and female vocals. Local Natives captivating lyrics read, "Dark days in the summer / In the rain the water's fine / It was wild combination / Either that or right down the line." This line, and perhaps this song, alludes to the foggy memories of summers past, where emotions were mixed in a messy search for truth.

2. "Clean" by The Japanese House

With unique, yet beautiful vocals, singer Amber Bain, too, speaks of memories and emotions past, and how it has formed the speaker into who they are presently. Bain sings, "All the things I tried to say remain within / I'm cooling in the clay / I've always been molded this way."

3. "School Friends - Ansible Remix" by Now, Now

An extremely powerful song, "School Friends" tells the tale of the tireless, tiresome cycle of using someone, and discarding them for another. Lead singer Cacie Dalager sings, "She'll be invisible like you want her / She'll try to do everything just right for you / You have a girlfriend but she's not your girlfriend / You just like her where she's at."

4. "Between Friends" by Japanese Wallpaper

Another compelling ballad of love and hurt, Japanese Wallpaper expresses the confusion found in the blurred lines of friendship versus lovers. The lyrics describe, "Cause you’re gone, my friend / And I know, cause you’re gone / If you wanna be my friend / Stop trying to be my lover."

(Expletive warning)

5. "Milan" by High Highs

"Milan" is contains both beautiful and ethereal sound, while maintaining thoughtful lyrics, . The lyrics read, "I know you're gonna leave me / I know / Whatever way the wind blows / Tied up with twine, we fell in the sea / We will never be, never be." This song speaks of the mourning of a love lost, and the longing for what may never be.

6. "Jamz" by Sales

A highly engaging and elevating song, "Jamz" allows the listener to let go with simple lyrics and catchy rhythm. The lyrics read, "before / lo-fi / i want time and / my life's so low."

7. "Drag" by Day Wave

One of my personal favorites from the list, "Drag," while a truly upbeat jam, maintains lyrics that hit hard. Jackson Philips, the face behind Day Wave writes, "And I know that I'm too hard to find / That I don't make time / And I'm just like that / Hold me back / I don't wanna be a drag." His lyrics reflect regret, locked with the feeling of being a burden; he wishes not to hold back those he loves.

8. "Wanderlust" by Paperwhite

A song perfectly placed for any road jam, the lyrics accurately sing, "Taken by wanderlust / I can feel my heart beating / Driven by wanderlust / I just wanna wake up dreaming." "Wanderlust" wonderfully captures the eagerness for adventure.

9. "Never Going Home" by Hazel English

Darker lyrics hide behind another catchy song in "Never Going Home." Hazel English equates the feeling of love, or perhaps needing someone, with an addiction. She writes, "There is no wait / I've got to satiate / This burning feeling in my throat / I'm not playing it safe / And it's getting late."

10. "Favourite Day" by Bombay Bicycle Club

And lastly, Bombay Bicycle Club blissfully concludes with "Favourite Day." They write with such beauty, saying, "We can find some common surface / to put all our worries on / We can pour them out, or let them drip / then split them one by one / They can dry out, let them lie out / in the eyes of the morning sun." These lyrics capture the desire for freedom and resolution.

And that's a wrap, for now. Hopefully this little collection adds to wherever your destination lies.

Listen to the entire playlist here!

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