10 Easy Steps To Beating The Freshman 15
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10 Easy Steps To Beating The Freshman 15

It's not easy...but it is worth it!

10 Easy Steps To Beating The Freshman 15

Coming into college can be rough, especially when you are having to deal with the ideal of gaining fifteen pounds your first year. This can be damaging to anyone's self esteem, even more so when in high school weight was never an issue. However there are many different ways to keep the weight down, but here's 10 of the easiest ways I found.

1. Eat at least eat one healthy meal per day...

This may seem like a hard one, what when the cafeteria has so much to offer! Just think about maybe getting a salad…and not covered all in ranch. The importance of having once good meal a day will astonish you on its effects. Just remember portion control with the meal even a salad can be unhealthy when its covered in cheese and a few pieces of lettuce. While opposite of that you do not want to eat 3 plates of salad. It’s all about portion control and soon you’ll be thinner then ever!

2. Find some time to work out!

This is a great way to keep in touch with friends too! You may have classes but you can find at least 30 minutes every few days to go and work out. This will be able to help you be in tip top shape and use this as your social time so you will not feel so overwhelmed during your school week. So think next time, “hey instead of going to McDonalds let’s go work out!” Soon you’ll be #squadgoals.

3. Don’t skip meals…especially breakfast!

We all have those pesky morning classes, getting up at 8 is hard enough believe me, but you still need to find a way to eat. Even if all it is, is a granola bar. This will help your body be ready, awake, and ready to burn more calories. Eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism and you’ll even feel better through-out your morning classes!

4. Walk everywhere, and I mean everywhere!

Cars are great but if you can walk to where you can, then do it. Instead of driving all the way to that little coffee shop take a stroll or walk with your friends. Don’t be lazy, if your class is on the other side of the campus don’t take your car because you don’t feel like walking. Suck it up buttercups, because I swear you’ll feel better once you do it!

5.Morning stretches and small exercise are key.

Yoga and stretches help not only help keep weight down but they keep you flexible and reduce stress levels! This like breakfast will get you up and ready for the day, and can boost up your endurance levels. Plus, if you’re like me, you’re probably tired of soreness from those college beds, stretching will help ease those pains.

6. Cut down on the coffee…even if that does sound impossible.

This is the hardest one of all in my opinion. As someone who basically lives off coffee I know the struggle of needing it, but be strong. Cutting down on caffeine and drinking more water is the oldest trick in the book, but it’s the most important one. Your body will feel brand new if you can throw away those soda cans and coffee cups. In the beginning I would have rather cut off my hand then give up my mocha frappe and I’m glad I did! This does not mean you must give up coffee and soda all together though, just maybe limit yourself to 2 coffee per week.

7. Do not stress eat!

I am guilty of this one big time, but maybe instead of buying chips and cookies, try buying baby carrots or apples. Fruits and vegetables are an easy way to go if you want in stress eat. They are healthier and you will not be obliged to eat a whole bad of carrots like you would a bag of chips.

8. Get the just right amount of sleep.

Your friends may not have the best interest when it comes to this part. I have gotten those texts at 2 am asking me to come party and that’s fine…if it’s not a habit. Going to bed at 3 or 4 every night is not healthy and getting below 8 hours will affect your moods, stress levels, and surprisingly your weight. Studies have been showing lately that getting the right amount of sleep will help the body keep down weight.

9. Lay off the drinks and put down the smokes!

This seems obvious but when you get into college it seems all impulse control is gone for some people. Smoking is never a habit you want to take up, this will destroy your lungs and you can kiss working out comfortably good bye. Plus, drinking all the time is one of the key factors in the freshmen 15. I have seen girls puff up because they went out drinking every night. So just watch out the next time you think you want to drink your way through the week and weekends.

10. Watch the late-night snacking.

When you’re hanging with your friends late at night the first thought in everyone’s mind is, “Where are we going to eat?” When it’s 12 at night the only thing open is fast food. Stay away though, I’m sure everyone is ready to go to Cookout for a good, greasy burger but try to be strong. Try to go for healthier choices if you can’t turn down food.

Keep these little tidbits in mind and you'll feel happier with your body more than ever! Good luck!

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