The 10 Easiest Crafts for Your Little
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Student Life

The 10 Easiest Crafts for Your Little

Everyone knows sratty and crafty go hand in hand.

The 10 Easiest Crafts for Your Little

One of the most exciting days of the entire sorority experience is Big Little Reveal. And along with the reveal comes a whole lot of goodies. If you're on the giving end this year, these ideas may help.

10 of the Easiest Crafts to Make for Your Little

1. Glitter Candles

-Cover bottom of candle holder in light coating of glue 

-Dip in glitter—done!

2. Flower Letters

-Use hot glue to attach fake flowers to letters in random places 

-The more random, the better it looks 


3. Balloon-Dipped Mason Jars

-Cut narrow end off balloons 

-Stretch over mason jars/wine glasses 

-Easiest craft ever 


4. Colorful Bottle Decorations

-Paint each bottle a different solid color 

-Leave it plain or add a design, her initials, your sorority's letters ,or the school mascot 

-Put fake flowers in the top for an extra pop


5. Smeared Abstract Watercolor Canvas

-Drop some dots, smear them together, and suddenly you have a cool background to rep your letters on 


6. Quote Canvas

-Paint background a statement color (like gold)

-Paint your fav quote on top in a neutral color (white, black, grey) 

7. Peek-a-boo Tie Dye

-Randomly paint different sections different colors 

-Use blue painter’s tape to mark your letters or a design (stripes are easy!) 

-Place tape then paint it a neutral color (white/black) 

-Remove tape so colors only show through in some spots 

8. String Striped Canvas

-Paint canvas a solid color 

-Randomly wrap string around canvas from top to bottom, weaving them together once in a while 

-Spray paint canvas with strings attached 

-Take strings off and their shadow will show the original color of the canvas


9. Jeweled Frames

-Paint frames a simple color (metallic works best!) 

-Cover in clear beads, attached with hot glue 


10. Clothespin Circle Frame

-Cut a circle of cardboard 

-Paint the cardboard/clothespins for extra pops of color! 

-Glue the bottom ends of the clothespins (where you pinch it to open it) to frame along the outside 

-Put pictures of you and your little along the outside!


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