The Ultimate 10 Do's And Don'ts of Freshman Year
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Student Life

The Ultimate 10 Do's And Don'ts of Freshman Year

Business in the front, party in the back (only sometimes).

The Ultimate 10 Do's And Don'ts of Freshman Year
Abbie Paquette

As we are about finished with July and are entering August, we are nearing the one-month countdown of being back at college, or if you're a freshman, your first year of college! Freshman year of college is like tackling a whole new obstacle in your life, as you as a student learn to become more independent than ever before. From doing laundry on your own for the first time, to locking yourself out of your dorm at 3am after a long night, freshman year is all about getting your feet wet in a new place that you may soon call your second home, and where you'll spend four years at learning and preparing for your future like never before. No matter the distance, going without your family or friends you've known since birth is hard and scary, but also necessary to grow. Here are 5 do's and 5 dont's I learned when I went through my freshman year. Honestly, I wish I knew some of these prior to move-in day.

1. DO involve yourself in some type of activity through the school.

Many of my friends who didn't play a collegiate sport like myself were always struggling with finding something fun to do during the week, mostly because they didn't immerse themselves into campus activities. Each and every campus is teeming with clubs, trips and other small activities for a variety of students to participate. Whether it be going to a sporting event to support your school, joining a club pertaining to your major or just to pet some kittens (and yes that's a thing), involving yourself in campus life will not only help you from not being bored all the time, but also can help build your resume for after college.

2. DON'T waste all of your money on food.

I get and relate with this one so hard because I love food that is actually good. And truth be told, most cafeteria/dining hall food is actually pretty horrid. I mean, it is obviously still edible, but it either hurts your stomach or makes you gain the freshman 15 real fast. One way to avoid this is buy snacks for your dorm that are healthy so you can portion smaller meals at the dining hall and have healthier options more readily available, rather than buying Taco Bell every time you don't want to make a trip to the dining hall.

3. DO make the effort to call your family or keep in touch.

Family is and always will be number one, and making sure they do stay up to date at some point in your life is important in keeping those relationships on the healthy side. Effective communication and appreciation for your family is also integral when you become lonely at school, because they are always there for you at the end of the day, and their arms are always open.

4. DON'T think that the friends you made in orientation are the only people you are limited to.

Half of the people that I sat with doing "icebreakers" at orientation I don't even speak to anymore. Not to say that when I see them I don't grace them with a "hello," but they are not the people I spend a lot of my time with nor am I really close to. Once classes begin and your hall is filled with twenty-plus rooms of people you've never met before, you'll find whom clicks with you within weeks, so don't stress.

5. DO go out and have fun, but also have a balance.

School always comes first, and although the night life on campus may always be tempting, college is all about balance. Sure you can go clubbing or go out on the town, but also make time for your studies. Your studies and grades are more important now than ever, because these grades will help you get the career you aspire to have.

6. DON'T let your past dictate your future.

Honestly, not many people care that you won a championship your sophomore year of high school, or that you volunteered at a hospital for the past three summers. While these things are great and they shape us into who we are today, the past is the past. Your future careers start with a clean slate at college, so this is why being involved is still important in college and put you above your competitors for a job. Your past loves, past grades and accomplishments are all live and learns, and college is a fresh start from absolutely everything, so don't let your name be known for the wrong things.

7. DO go home sometimes.

Home is truly where the heart is, and sometimes all the arrogant drama (which will definitely still exist by the way) that you've been dealing with is too much. Going home is great because you get to see your family and those who love you, but it is also a re-visitation of a previous chapter of your life. Especially if you're a collegiate athlete, you will cherish the very few times you have a weekend off to be able to go home, because those are very rarely given.

8. But DON'T go home every weekend.

It's true, going home is great. But if you go home every weekend, whether it be to visit the family or work, makes you miss out on all the things that are happening around campus. The campus is where you spend most of your time, so don't you want to have a pleasant experience as well? There are plenty more things to do than party on the weekends or go home, there is a just have to be open and look for it.

9. DO try and keep your dorm as neat and organized as possible.

Keeping a dorm room clean not only welcomes frequent visitors of friends, but also will keep bugs and dirt piled up in your room, which is actually very gross. Hygiene is important, and since your parents can't be there to nag you into cleaning your room, it's up to your judgement to have a nice room that people actually want to be in rather than overlooking a pile of laundry every day.

10. DON'T compare your college life to your friends.

Everybody's college life and their experiences will be different, but as long as you are having fun at your own school, who cares what Jane Doe did last Tuesday? College is a new experience and you should enjoy it to the fullest and do what makes you happy, no matter if it isn't the "coolest" thing that you think is the "coolest" in your mind. What you do with your time is cool, just refrain from judgement and enjoy what you have in front of you. Cheers!

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