10 Things Donald Trump Claims He'll Do During His Presidency
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10 Things Donald Trump Claims He'll Do During His Presidency

A list of promises made by the president-elect.

10 Things Donald Trump Claims He'll Do During His Presidency

The recent results of the presidential election has left America in disarray - half excited, half disappointed. Either way, people seem to be strongly opposed to or strongly for Donald Trump. Personally, I think we should just scratch this whole election, and maybe just try again, but it doesn't really seem like that's going to be happening anytime soon. So, despite what you think of him, here are 10 things Donald Trump claims he will do in his time at 1600 Pennsylvania ave.

1. Build a wall.

The first, and certainly most radical and noteworthy idea that Trump has was to build a wall to prevent illegal immigrants into the country; that would be funded by Mexico themselves. At first hand this idea seemed almost laughable, but whether this will actually happen is debatable. Recently Trump has said that he will fund the project, and then be reimbursed by Mexico. This project is supposed to happen within the first 100 days of his presidency; I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens!

2. Tax relief for the middle class.

With the current economical problems within the US, Trump has decided the best way to create growth, (approximately a 4% increase every year) is to create tax reductions, especially for middle class families. He claims that this will help jump start the economy with the intention of reforming trade, and creating 25 million jobs for Americans. Trump has labeled this the "Middle Class Tax Relief and Simplification Act."

3. Improved infrastructure.

Trump plans of investing 1 trillion dollars in order to improve the infrastructure within America. This includes major bridges, highways, etc. Over the years this seems to have been an issue that has been avoided, and this change is long overdue.

4. Repeal and replace Obamacare.

One of the most notable things Obama has does within his presidency is create Obama Care, which in turn is an option of health care for people across the country. He is planning to replace this with "Health Savings Account" instead, along with approving over 4,000 lifesaving medications that are currently pending approval.

5. Restore National Security.

Trump plans on tightening immigration; and although there has been a fear of the deportation of immigrants currently living within the United States, Trumps "Contract with the American Voter" does not clearly outline this (contract will be linked below). However, he does ensure that there will be increased background checks on those looking to enter the country, along with the expansion of our military.

6. Clean up Washington D.C.

With the heart of politics within the United States housed in Washington DC, Trump claims to be taking special measures to reform and restore the area, and create a new sphere of influence. He is going to not only clean it up, but promote new ethics to reduce corruption.

7. Reform education.

As most google college prices and cringe; Donald Trump plans to reform the education process, by making it easier for families to choose where they want their children to receive education (whether it be private school, public school, home school, etc.) and make it so college is affordable.

8. Affordable childcare.

Trump plans on removing child care and eldercare from taxes, this way businesses are more inclined to provide on-site childcare or eldercare. making it easier and more affordable, and matching contributions for low income families.

9. Cancel payments made to the UN.

Trump claims that he will cancel billions of payments made to the UN for purposes related to climate control, and use the money elsewhere in order to fix the infrastructure within America. Although attention must be shown to the infrastructure within America, it is debatable whether or not this money should be taken from here, which would have been spent on various climate change programs.

10. Replace Supreme Court Justice Scalia.

Lastly, Trump plans on replacing the deceased Supreme Court Justice Scalia, with one of those on his "list". He claims that the person he will choose will uphold the ideals of the constitution and defend these ideals.

A complete list of Trump's contract can be found here.

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