10 DIY Gifts That People Will Actually Want

10 DIY Gifts That People Will Actually Want

There’s Something For Everyone On Here

Christmas is just around the corner and, for those of us with big families, it can be hard finding the right gift for everyone and not breaking the bank at the same time. Personally, DIY is the way to go. Here are ten easy, do-it-yourself gifts that everyone will love!

1.Faux Agate Coasters

These faux agate coasters are the perfect gift for any friend or family, and they’re so easy to make! All you need is a little cardboard, some gold spray paint, agate prints, and Mod Podge and you’ve got a great gift that someone can use for years to come! DIY Joy has simple, easy to follow instructions, plus a video so there’s no way you can mess these up.

2. Glass Etched Shot Glasses

Another great find from DIY Joy, these shot glasses are cute and perfect for that tough to buy for friend! Find out how to make them here.

3. IPhone Book Dock

As an avid book nerd, this idea made me super happy inside. Why not make it out of your friend or family member’s favorite book? Just head on over to your local used bookstore and grab a gently used copy. Here's how to make it.

4. Photo Collage Star

This is an awesome idea, courtesy of Scraps and Scribbles. It uses all of my favorite things: Mod Podge, large metal ornaments, photos, and scrapbook paper. Click the link above to find out how to make it!

5. Coffee Lovers Survival Kit

Gift baskets are easy, inexpensive, and fun to put together. This coffee one from The DIY Mommy is an awesome idea for any caffeine addict. Here's how to make it.

6. Man Balm

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sarah Lipoff

I absolutely LOVE making balms, soaps, and lotions from scratch. When I found this awesome recipe on Pop Sugar, I knew I had to give it a try. The balm can be used for dry skin or as a pomade for hair. The best thing about making lotions and balms is that you can personalize them with the scent of your choice, just switch up the essential oils! Click the link above for directions.

7. Etched Cutting Boards

Image by Amy Christie for Design Mom

This is an awesome idea from Design Mom, though it does require a little more work. I’ve seen these etched cutting boards done so many different ways. You could etch in a favorite family recipe, inspirational quote, or even biblical scripture. Click on the link above to find out how Design Mom did hers.

8. Chalkboard Serving Tray

This is one I’m seriously thinking about giving a try. Chalkboard spray paint is AMAZING and this would be the perfect gift for my best friend, who is always hosting dinners and parties at her house. You can find out how to make this fantastic gift here.

9. Cutting Board Tablet Holder

Image originally by Mamie Jane’s

I am constantly pulling out my phone or tablet in the kitchen and this tablet holder from Hella Wella would make life so much easier. It’s really a great idea for any cook. Find out how to make it here.

10. Animal Wall Clock

Image Credit: Elsie Larson, A Beautiful Mess

For the animal lovers out there, this photo wall clock is absolutely perfect. Print out a photo of their beloved pet and grab a simple clock kit. Find out how to make these adorable clocks here.

I hope you found something on this list that will make your holiday season a bit easier and a lot more fun. There’s something for everyone on here. Happy crafting!!

Cover Image Credit: Patryk D.

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'Baby, It's Cold Outside' Is NOT About Date Rape, It's A Fight Against Social Norms Of The 1940s

The popular Christmas song shouldn't be considered inappropriate.


The classic Christmas song "Baby, It's Cold Outside" has recently been under attack. There has been controversy over the song being deemed as inappropriate since it has been suggested that it promotes date rape. Others believe that the song is another common example of our culture's promotion of rape. You may be wondering, where did they get that idea from?

The controversy has led to one radio station, WCPO, taking the song off the radio and banning it from their station. Some people believe that this song goes against the #MeToo movement since it promotes rape. However, people are not considering the fact that this traditional Christmas song was made in the 1940s.

People are viewing the song from a modern-day cultural perspective rather than from the perspective of the 1940s. "Baby, It's Cold Outside" was written in 1944. Many people have viewed the song from the perspective of our cultural and social norms. People believe that the song promotes date rape because of lyrics that suggest that the male singing is trying to stop the female singer from leaving, and the female singer is constantly singing about trying to escape with verses like "I really can't stay" or "I've got to go home."

When you first view the song from the perspective of today's culture, you may jump to the conclusion that the song is part of the date rape culture. And it's very easy to jump to this conclusion, especially when you are viewing only one line from the song. We're used to women being given more freedom. In our society, women can have jobs, marry and be independent. However, what everyone seems to forget is that women did not always have this freedom.

In 1944, one of the social norms was that women had curfews and were not allowed to be in the same house as a man at a later time. It was considered a scandal if a single woman so much as stayed at another man's house, let alone be in the same room together. It's mind-blowing, right? You can imagine that this song was probably considered very provocative for the time period.

"Baby, It's Cold Outside" is not a song that encourages date rape, but is actually challenging the social norms of society during the time period. When you listen to the song, you notice that at one part of the song, the female states, "At least I can say that I tried," which suggests that she really doesn't want to leave. In fact, most of the song, she is going back and forth the whole time about leaving stating, "I ought to say no…well maybe just a half a drink more," and other phrases.

She doesn't want to leave but doesn't really have a choice due to fear of causing a scandal, which would have consequences with how others will treat her. It was not like today's society where nobody cares how late someone stays at another man's house. Nowadays, we could care less if we heard that our single neighbor stayed over a single man's house after 7. We especially don't try to look through our curtain to check on our neighbor. Well, maybe some of us do. But back then, people did care about where women were and what they were doing.

The female singer also says in the lyrics, "The neighbors might think," and, "There's bound to be talk tomorrow," meaning she's scared of how others might perceive her for staying with him. She even says, "My sister will be suspicious," and, "My brother will be there at the door," again stating that she's worried that her family will find out and she will face repercussions for her actions. Yes, she is a grown woman, but that doesn't mean that she won't be treated negatively by others for going against the social norms of the time period.

Then why did the male singer keep pressuring her in the song? This is again because the song is more about challenging the social norms of the time period. Both the female and male singers in the song are trying to find excuses to stay and not leave.

On top of that, when you watch the video of the scene in which the song was originally viewed, you notice that the genders suddenly switch for another two characters, and now it's a female singer singing the male singer's part and vice versa. You also notice that the whole time, both characters are attracted to one another and trying to find a way to stay over longer.

Yes, I know you're thinking it doesn't matter about the genders. But, the song is again consensual for both couples. The woman in the beginning wants to stay but knows what will await if she doesn't leave. The male singer meanwhile is trying to convince her to forget about the rules for the time period and break them.

In addition, the complaint regarding the lyric "What's in this drink?" is misguided. What a lot of people don't understand is that back in 1944, this was a common saying. If you look at the lyrics of the song, you notice that the woman who is singing is trying to blame the alcoholic drink for causing her to want to stay longer instead of leaving early. It has nothing to do with her supposed fear that he may have tried to give her too much to drink in order to date rape her. Rather, she is trying to find something to blame for her wanting to commit a scandal.

As you can see, when you view the song from the cultural perspective of the 1940s, you realize that the song could be said to fight against the social norms of that decade. It is a song that challenges the social constrictions against women during the time period. You could even say that it's an example of women's rights, if you wanted to really start an argument.

Yes, I will admit that there were movies and songs made back in the time period that were part of the culture of date rape. However, this song is not the case. It has a historical context that cannot be viewed from today's perspective.

The #MeToo movement is an important movement that has led to so many changes in our society today. However, this is not the right song to use as an example of the date rape culture.

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I Am Ready For Christmas Break

It's the holiday season!


Ah, it is that time of year again, at last! Longwood University students can finally breathe a sigh of relief, because for us, Christmas break is just beginning. There are so many holiday festivities I've been waiting for, and I am so excited that I can finally be home to celebrate. Although I was ready for my first semester at Longwood, I am so ready for Christmas break.

For the record, college has been so great for me. I have made some new friends that I already know will be friends for life, and I have learned so much in such a short time. I have opened my eyes and mind to a multitude of ideas and opportunities. However, I feel so relaxed coming home knowing I have no assignments waiting for me that I must complete during break.

Now don't get me wrong, I love being an English major. Therefore I love the kind of work I do, and I'd ask for nothing different. However, I am simply ready to focus my creative mind on holiday activities for fun.

Holiday traditions are what add to the heart of the occasion. Traditions help join my love for Longwood and my love for the holidays, so I try to make the most out of every Christmas as best as I know how. I especially cannot wait to start decorating our Christmas tree with Momma. Putting the tree up while watching Christmas specials always has a way of making me smile. I also love having hot chocolate on cold nights.

I am also glad to be home to spend time with the family I have missed while away at school, like my Momma. Every year, she always claims that she has 'surprises' for me on Christmas morning regarding my presents. Well, this year I am even more excited and ready to give Momma her Christmas present. It is going to be a total surprise, and I hope she loves it! Now I know presents are not the main point of Christmas, but the joy of giving during this time of year is that bright-eyed look on people's faces when they love the presents they open.

Christmas break is something I am always ready for. This year, I am extremely ready to relax with my momma and enjoy the holiday. In a way, I am glad that college has made me work so hard because I appreciate the rest I'll receive over my break more than I ever have before.

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