10 Disney Characters That Describe College Life

10 Disney Characters That Describe College Life

College can be stressful, and these Disney characters know the feeling.


As a college student, you are told to grow up. However, there are some things that you never outgrow, like Disney movies. Here are some Disney characters that relate to college life.

1. As a college student waking up is always a hassle, whether you were studying for finals or partying all night, getting up in the morning is always a pain. Chances are if you are like me, you don't wake up like a princess every day.

2. Being on campus for the first time can be scary. Odds are you are likely to get lost because the picture of the campus attached to your acceptance letter seemed a lot smaller and easier to navigate.

3. Then Sophomores will always talk about their "Freshmen 15" from last year. However, you don't understand what they mean until one day in your freshman year it happens to you.

4. Going to your first college party can be very nerve-wracking. Ultimately, you just have to be yourself and show the world the real you.

5. While at college, you may or may not be looking for a relationship. But…you wouldn't say no if the opportunity arose. So, when you go to a party or event and think you've found "the one” it never seems to work out how you want it to.

6. Everyone has that one evil professor that expects you to know the whole topic before entering their classroom. The professor barely teaches and almost seems happy to see you fail.

7. The worst is when you put so much effort into actually studying for an exam instead of your usual "winging it" method (which never works out) and still fail the exam. Worst feeling ever.

8. Going to classes every day can be stressful, and on the weekends, everybody wants time to unwind. However, whether it be because of professors giving you assignments, your boss asking you to come into work on a day off, or parents wanting to see you, your plans seem to rarely pan out.

9. Finals week is absolutely the worst week of college. Every professor schedules exams, essays, and everything in between on the same day. You could have nothing to do for your classes for a month then bam everything hits you at once.

10. Finally, you have come to the realization You can't change the people around you no matter how hard you try, so just enjoy it because that’s what college is all about!

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