10 Daria Quotes That Explain My Life Perfectly

10 Daria Quotes That Explain My Life Perfectly

"I'm too smart and sensitive to live in a world like ours."


Daria was a show that premiered on MTV from 1997- 2002. It followed the life of Daria Morgendorffer, a high- school teenager whose life is full of pessimism, sarcasm, and her over-excited family members who just want her to fit in.

Daria is known for her rarely changing facial expression, mono-toned voice, extreme intellect, and love for solitude. Daria is academically advanced, yet rarely motivated.

Though this show was in it's prime at a time where I was too young to truly understand (1-8 years old to be exact), watching re-runs as well as streams on Hulu (when it was still on Hulu), made realize I have more in common with Daria than I actually thought.

1. The story of my life and an everyday struggle of mine.

2. The perfect graduation speech.

3. As long as there's a mutual agreement that pineapple on pizza is never okay.

4. A line I have to say way too often

5. When I finally get my own apartment

6."Wow, you don't want kids in the future? Why?"

7. Very observant and very honest.

8. According to my mom my first full sentence was actually "Mom, I can read"

9. "Why don't you smile more?"

10. When people ask what I plan to do after graduation

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