10 Companies That Give Back
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10 Companies That Give Back

Helping the world one purchase at a time.

10 Companies That Give Back

We all love to give back, but it's hard to choose where to put our money. Why not purchase an item that shows the cause and charity you support? There are many deserving charities and companies out there, but here are 10 companies that really make a difference in our world.

1. Toms.

This well-known company sells shoes, eyewear and bags that give back to persons in need. Their slogan is "One for One," meaning that for every item sold, they will give one to a person in need in underdeveloped countries. For every shoe sold, they give a pair of shoes to a child in need. For every piece of eyewear (glasses or sunglasses) sold, they restore the sight of a person in need. For every bag sold, they provided a safe birth for a child and mother in need. Over 2 million shoes have been distributed, and there has been a 42 percent increase in maternal health.

2. Warby Parker.

Warby Parker is also a well-known eyeglass company. They not only donate a pair of eyeglasses for each pair purchased, but they train men and women in developing countries to give basic eye exams and sell glasses at an affordable price. They also offer home try-ons where they mail you five pairs of frames to try on for five days.

3. Love Your Melon.

Love Your Melon is a company that sells beanies, hats, clothing, etc. to help children battling cancer. They give beanies to children battling cancer in the US as well as donate to organizations who help fight pediatric cancer. Colleges and communities all over the country raise money, visit sick children in hospitals in hopes that it makes their day brighter and help end cancer.

4. Pura Vida Bracelets.

Pura Vita Bracelets is a company that sells jewelry, clothing, swimwear and accessories. All of their famous waterproof bracelets are handmade by local artisans in Costa Rica. This gives those individuals a job and helps them express their creativity. Pura Vida Bracelets also features their charity bracelets that support over 200 different charities.

5. Headbands of Hope.

Headbands of Hope is a company that sells headbands and flower crowns. For every headband sold, they provide a headband to a child battling pediatric cancer. Their mission is to bring fashion into the lives of these children to help them create their own identity, especially in a hospital setting.

6. Ivory Ella.

Ivory Ella is a company that sells clothing and accessories for a good cause. That cause is to protect elephants and prevent the illegal poaching. Ivory Ella donates 10 percent of its profits to Save the Elephants and other charitable animal organizations. Their mission is to bring people together to cherish and maintain the beauty that is the elephant.

7. Sevenly.

Sevenly is a company that sells clothing and accessories for various causes. Their causes include autism, cancer, education, environment, international, military and social justice. For every product you purchase, Sevenly tells you how much of the proceeds go to that cause. They have raised over $4 million for various causes and their foundation.

8. 1Face.

1Face is a company that sells modern watches for various causes. These causes are cancer, hunger, clean water, animal rights, breast cancer, disaster relief, environmental, AIDS and education. They also offer a watch that supports all nine of their causes.

9. FEED.

FEED is a company that sells clothing, bags and accessories for various causes. For every item that you purchase, FEED will donate meals to children in school, give emergency relief and foster good mother-child nutrition. For every item that you purchase, FEED tells you what cause it is going to and how many meals it can provide.

10. The Brave Collection.

The Brave Collection is a company that sells handmade jewelry from artisans in Cambodia. These artisans are women and mostly mothers. This helps provide the women job opportunities as well as gaining creativity. The Brave Collection also donates 10 percent of their profits to helping fight human trafficking in Cambodia. Along with this, they also work with partners in Cambodia to support programs that empower vulnerable Cambodian girls and women.

Besides these 10 companies, there are thousands of companies and organizations that sell clothing and jewelry for a good cause. Which company will you choose to support?

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