Every college student ends up learning what they do and do not need throughout the semester. Here's a list of 10 college essentials I always carry around with me.

10. A filtered water bottle

For the longest time during my first semester, I never carried around any water. I've since become attached to my filtered water bottle that is so handy to have when I get thirsty in class or when I go for walks.

9. Chewing gum

I rely on my Spearmint gum to help me concentrate when I'm writing essays, working on homework, or even taking a test. Studies have shown that wintermint and spearmint flavors are proven to help neurotransmitters respond to tell the brain to stay concentrated and focused.

8. Pen/Pencils

I have found that having a pen handy has been a life saver when I've needed to give something a signature or do a surprise pop quiz.

7. Headphones

I absolutely have my headphones with me at all times. I use them when I'm walking from class to class on campus. I use them when I just need some stress relief and when I do my homework. Music is a lifesaver when it comes to dealing with stress in college.

6. Chap-stick

I swear by the Carmex that I carry in my pocket. I always keep a chap-stick either in my pocket or in my backpack. Having dry skin in the winter is horrible.

5. Sanitizer

This one is pretty self explanatory. I have no idea what I my hands touch throughout the day. From door handles to the stairway railings, hand sanitizer is a go-to product everyone should have.

4. Cell phone

As a young adult living at the height of technology's reign, I am definitely among those addicted to my cell phone. I need my cell phone for everything from contacting people, a calculator, and using it for the alarm clock that tells me to get up every day for class.

3. Phone Charger

It's always handy to keep a phone charger at one's side. I personally use a Mophie phone charger to keep my lifesaver alive. It's very convenient when you can just pull out your phone changer when you are are somewhere on campus having a study sesh or even lunch.

2. Money

There are times when I'll randomly decide to walk to the closest store, or I'll just want something that my college doesn't offer everyday like General Tso's Chinese Chicken. It's so nice to able to have some cash so I can satisfy my cravings for whatever food I can't take off of my mind. Money is also good to have if I need to make an emergency run to the campus bookstore for books, notebooks, etc.

1. Cough drops

Let's be real, people tend to be sick all year round on a college campus for one reason or another. I refuse to let myself obtain any form of illness. If I wake up with the slightest cough, you bet I will be walking around all day with my bag of Halls cough drops