10 Classic Crowded House Songs
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10 Classic Crowded House Songs

A band that started with three goofy guys living in one crowded house.

10 Classic Crowded House Songs
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Known for their clever lyrics, emotionally powerful sound, and goofy nature in music videos, Crowded House was one of the most successful pop rock bands to come out of Australia in the 1980s. Neil Finn, the band's guitarist, lead vocalist, and main songwriter, tends to write more about love and connections with people, and less about social statements and messages. I tend to borrow elements of Neil Finn's songwriting style when I write poetry. He's one of my favorite songwriters and influences with art. Crowded House was also unique in that all the original band members, bassist Nick Seymour, and the late Paul Hester (Hester tragically took his own life in 2005), sing background vocals, creating original harmonies. So, here are 10 classic Crowded House tunes.

1. "Don't Dream It's Over"

Let's get this one out of the way. And I say that not because I think this song is overrated or anything, it's just always the one song people reference when I ask if they've heard of Crowded House. Their biggest hit, "Don't Dream It's Over," is a little vague, but for the most part seems to be about someone who is confident in where he's going and wants someone -- perhaps a girl -- to join him. It's an emotional ride.

My favorite lyrics:

Now I'm walking again to the beat of a drum
And I'm counting the steps to the door of your heart

My favorite live version:

2. "Something So Strong"

This is a feel-good song and it puts me in a good mood. The bridge features beautiful harmonies and keeps me begging for more. That's the thing with Crowded House -- they recorded a lot of shorter songs to keep you interested in what else they could offer. The lyrics in this one are very poetic and I enjoy Finn's use of simile. I suppose it's simply about strong feelings that come with the bonds we share with people.

My favorite lyrics:

Turning in my sleep
Love can leave you cold
A taste of jealousy
Is like a lust for gold

My favorite live version:

3. "Fall At Your Feet"

This one sounds like love meets desperation. I think it's about a man who is giving so much of his time and offering so much to this girl who's in a lot of pain and doesn't know if she has the time for him. The structure of the chorus is interesting in that there are only 12 measures when it feels like there should be 16 like in most pop songs. Once again, the harmonies during the bridge shine through in this romantic tune.

My favorite lyrics:

The finger of blame has turned upon itself
And I'm more than willing to offer myself
Do you want my presence or need my help?
Who knows where that might lead

My favorite live version:

4. "Weather With You"

Catchy as hell, "Weather With You" features perhaps their most recognizable chorus. I can't even begin to guess what this song is about because the lyrics are so obscure to me. But, the chorus is uplifting and always gives me the emotional jitters. Just remember to always take the weather with you, whatever that means to you.

My favorite lyrics:

Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you

My favorite live version:

5. "Private Universe"

Hauntingly beautiful and star struck, "Private Universe" is a mixture of profound, intimate love and eerie isolation. This tune reminds me of how when we're with that one person we love, it almost feels like we're in a private universe. I also think there's more to this song, though I can't quite describe it. It's too creepy to be an endearing love song but also too thoughtful to be something like The Police's "Every Breath You Take," a song about a stalker.

My favorite lyrics:

I will run for shelter
Endless summer lift the curse
It Feels like nothing matters
In our private universe

My favorite live version:

6. "Distant Sun"

This one is also pretty difficult to make sense of. I think it's a little about how men and women have trouble communicating to each other at times. I wish I could say more than that. "Distant Sun" is fairly upbeat and very thought-provoking to the point where it could be about so many things. I also love the simile And I'm lying on the table washed out in a flood like a Christian feeling vengeance from above.

My favorite lyrics:

No fire where I lit my spark
I am not afraid of the dark

My favorite live version:

7. "Into Temptation"

I don't think there's a single lyric in this song I don't like. It seems to be about being tempted by a beautiful girl you shouldn't be seeing for whatever reason. Maybe it's about cheating on someone? I love how mysterious this band is. Instrumentally, it's very quiet and limited. The strings and Finn's songwriting make this song.

My favorite lyrics:

As I turn to go you looked at me for half a second
With an open invitation for me to go

My favorite version is the music video:

8. "Four Seasons In One Day"

I think this one is about feeling so exhausted and overcome with various emotions that it can feel like four seasons in one day. It's another quiet one where the vocals and lyrics are highlighted.

My favorite lyrics:

Finding out wherever there is comfort there is pain
Only one step away
Like four seasons in one day

My favorite live version:

9. "Mean To Me"

Okay here we go, back to full out rock. Finn goes crazy in this song, especially in the chorus when he yells, "I could not escape!" Hester has an involved drum part and the keyboards go a little loopy during the interlude before the bridge. Finn is so clever to use the lyric "mean to me" in two different contexts too.

My favorite lyrics:

She came all the way from America
She had a blind date with destiny
And the sound of Te Awamutu
Had a truly sacred ring
Now her parents are divorced
And her friend's committing suicide

My favorite live version:

10. "Better Be Home Soon"

This one sounds like it's about being worried about someone not coming back to you. Maybe a break up with a girlfriend is on its way? The guitar chords are pretty. This is a song I listen to after a long day or if I'm feeling blue.

My favorite lyrics:

Back to nothingness
Like a week in the desert

My favorite version is the music video:

Other songs that just missed the cut: Whispers And Moans, Chocolate Cake, Pineapple Head, There Goes God, World Where You Live and Instinct.

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