10 BullSh*t Things You Facebook Messaged Your Freshman Roommate

10 BullSh*t Things You Facebook Messaged Your Freshman Roommate

Before you shared a shoebox together for a year.

Freshman year is weird. You are thrown into so many socially-awkward situations at once, sometimes its hard to keep track. That being said, one of the most bizarre freshman constructs is the roommate. Nowadays, you contact them on social media before meeting them in person, so you want to make sure they like you.

Here are some of the pick-up-line-esque things you said to ensure you came off as ~chill~.

1. I'm an early bird and a night owl!

Yes, yes, basically you are the perfect sleeper.

2. I'm super neat!

One time, I woke up snuggling a dirty shirt I had hidden under the covers from my roommate...

3. I'm down to go out or stay in for a chill movie night!

You are so ~flexible~

4. I'm literally obsessed with my dog

This one is really going to differentiate you from every other suburban middle-class female.

5. I don't really know that much about Greek life, but I think I'm gonna rush!

You say while wearing a Theta sweatshirt, holding your mom's "I <3 my sorority sisters" mug from '98, and skimming Greekranks on your laptop.

6. I love going to concerts and music festivals!

Concerts = chill.

7. I can't wait to try all the restaurants in _______!

Little did you know you would have to check your bank account every time you debated ordering Jimmy Johns. And then chose to starve instead.

8. Lol, literally all I do is eat

Well, yes, this is part of basic human survival.

9. I wanna get up early and go to the gym!


10. I love hanging out with friends on the weekend!

REALLY?! Omfg, girl, same. We have so much in common.

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Starting A New College Semester As Told By Gossip Girl


So its the start of ANOTHER semester. WOOHOO... ya OK, break is over and unfortunately it is time to buckle down and get your s*** together. If you are either 1. excited, 2. dreading, or 3. currently giving zero f**** about this semester, you may be feeling a combo of these scenarios according to Gossip Girl...

1. "What a beautiful day to be so prepared for class, look at me go!"

Ya boy get all those Psych notes down, phew you're on fire!

2. "AHHHHH!! #backwiththeroomie"

Snapchat, Insta, and 10,000 selfies are needed, am I right? Say cheese!

...this is what happens when you separate two bffs for a whole entire month @SuitemateJamie...

3. "FML...and 8 AMs"

Hopefully, you have a roomie that encourages you to get off your ass and go to class, however, if you don't, setting all alarms possible on your phone, Fitbit, laptop, tablet, or any other electronic device that you may possess is def an alternative.

4. When the first weekend approaches but ya still have a 5-page paper due Monday...

I mean you have all day Sunday so no need to stress babes, get your party persona on and have a fun night with your close friend, first name "Titos" last name "Vodka".

5. Come Sunday...."Time to procrastinate to the max."

Which is greater: Mani / Pedi or Bio??

6. *Face made when your crush is in all of your classes


7. When the professor goes over the syllabus and emphasizes "NO FOOD IN CLASS"...

Oh ya...OK (as we all eat our Einstein Bagels).

Be safe. Party hard and kill it my loves.

Much love.

~ xoxo

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5 Thoughts Freshman Have After Winter Break

You're reminded of all the things you forgot about in the month you were gone.

Coming back to college for the first time after a long break is definitely a weird sensation. In high school we were all used to having 1-2 weeks off and then falling back into the exact same daily routine. In college, we have to get used to a completely different lifestyle after a full month away. Here are 5 thoughts every freshman has when coming back from Christmas break:

1. Wow, I actually have to do this again!

Register for classes, pack and head back to your dorm, pull all nighters--it's easy to forget that you actually have to go back and resume responsibilities after winter break.

2. Why don't I recognize half of these people...

Whether they're transfer students, studying abroad first semester, or just never crossed paths with you first semester, you're bound to run into a ton of unfamiliar faces.

3. Huh, the dining hall is still a thing too.

Having home cooked food for a month? A blessing.

4. I'm gonna put off going back into the library for as long as possible.

That way it'll even out the four days I lived there during finals.

5. It's good to be home.

Your dorm bed, your friends, the overall experience--it feels good to finally be back at home.

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