These days it seems the only movies that are being made are superhero ones. And let me tell you, I am so tired of seeing those types of movies plastered everywhere. There's too many of them and they're all repeating the same information. What we need now is something that is already written and movie-worthy. Such as the following ten books.

1. "Allegiant"

The Divergent series books were supposed to be a four-part movie series but only finished production for three. They left out the final movie. Sure, "Allegiant, Part 1" was terrible and nowhere near the actual book, but they needed to finish this series.

2. "Fangirl"

Rainbow Rowell's debut novel with coming-of-age themes and characters, is sure to steal the hearts of every viewer. The first year of every college student is super important and this book captures it so well. It should have been made into a movie the second it came out.

3. "The Postmortal"

This book is about the future of humankind. Humans are getting the cure which stops them from aging, which means that humans cannot die of old age, but everything else is fair game. This book has an apocalyptic, fall-of-mankind vibe to it. But overall, would make for an interesting watch.

4. "All the Bright Places"

This book follows two high school seniors, one counting down the days until graduation, the other counting the days he's awake. Two unlikely friends turned lovers in this unusually dark novel keeps readers entertained and movie-goers on the edge of their seats.

5. "Reboot"

Dystopian novels are a huge craze, and this one is just as interesting as the rest. These characters are brought back to life after being killed, and the longer time before they reboot, the less human they are. Which makes them lethal machines with the ability to be controlled. What a fresh idea.

6. "The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight"

This story takes place on a plane ride from the US to England. It's a fast-paced romantic comedy that will have readers gushing over the characters. With only a few hours together, these main characters manage to develop a deep connection that has them searching for something more. The perfect love story.

7. "Eleanor & Park"

Another Rainbow Rowell favorite. This story is about a forbidden love story with a surprise ending. It will make viewers laugh, cry, and feel so many emotions at once. It'll be an emotional rollercoaster, but oh so worth it.

8. "The Program"

There has been a suicide epidemic sweeping across the globe and "The Program" is the only solution. So when the main character and her boyfriend are sent there, they fear for their lives and their memories. When they are sent back into the real world, they only remember bits and pieces of their lives before, but that's something they're going to have to figure out together.

9. "99 Days"

When the main character's dirty laundry is her mother's next best-selling book, she is treated terribly by people who used to be her friends. Now she has to find a way to survive the summer before college, then she can be whoever she wants.

10. "Flawed"

Another dystopian-like novel that focuses on having a perfect society. Anyone who breaks their rules gets branded Flawed. But sometimes even their morals get them in trouble and marked for life. This book is action-packed and has something for everyone.