The theme song of every show is the first impression that you get. Some shows just have a boring little tune or something that has absolutely no relation to the show whatsoever. What can make the show even better than it already is is when the theme song matches the show perfectly! So here is a list of some of the best TV shows that are even better because of their theme songs.


"I'll Be There For You." There isn't a song more perfect for this show! We watch these six friends go through so many challenges and successes over the course of 10 seasons. No matter how many deaths, job losses, breakups, marriages, or just about every other life event, they always stand by each other, always. I mean, really, what describes "FRIENDS" more than always being there for each other?

2. One Tree Hill

"I Don't Wanna be Anything Other Than Me." "One Tree Hill" is an incredible story of a group of people and their journeys of finding themselves over the course of nine seasons and 18 years. We see the star basketball player and chronic jerk become an inspiring husband and father. The slutty and not-so-bright cheerleading captain becomes a fearless mother and insanely successful fashion designer. We also see the shy, nerdy girl become a famous singer and music producer. All of the main characters truly find who they want to be, despite all of the drama and pain that is perfectly entwined in their lives.

3. Parenthood

"Forever Young." "Parenthood" is exactly how it sounds: a show about parents and how they handle their families. This large family encounters so many obstacles, from college to cancer, and yet, they come out on the other side even stronger. The kids learn from their parents and the parents learn even more from their kids. Following this family through their lives is absolutely beautiful. And really, what phrase sounds more like a parent than telling their kids to stay forever young?

4. Gilmore Girls

"Where You Lead, I Will Follow." "Gilmore Girls" is a heartwarming comedy about a mother and daughter and their complicated, hilarious lives. The show is full of belly laugh-worthy one-liners, but also sob-worthy mother-daughter moments. Lorelai Gilmore had her daughter Rory at the young age of 16, and was completely alone. This unfortunate circumstance, however, led to the most amazing relationship between Lorelai and Rory. No matter what, if one of them is out on the road, feeling lonely and so cold, all she has to do is call the other's name and she'll be there, on the next train.

5. Pretty Little Liars

"Secret." "Pretty Little Liars" is a very popular teen show about four friends and their many secrets. After their close friend was murdered, they start getting blackmailed by a mysterious person. Although I may be easily frightened, this show actually has so many terrifying and jaw dropping moments. From the first note of the theme song, I'm already hiding under my blankets. It is so extremely accurate to the show that only two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

6. The Big Bang Theory

"Big Bang Theory Theme." "The Big Bang Theory" is about a group of scientists and their lives together with the struggling actress across the hall. These men are so entranced in their lives of science that they're barely able to see the real world around them. Their theme song describes how our entire world became what it is today! And just like the song says, it all started with the big bang.

7. Full House

"Everywhere You Look." Who doesn't love "Full House"? This family is hilarious and yet, the end of every episode contains a very heartwarming lesson. This theme song starts off the show perfectly. We watch this family grow over nine years, and it's impossible not to love every single person! In each episode, we see that everywhere you look (everywhere you look) there's a face of somebody who needs you.

8. The Fosters

"Where You Belong." "The Fosters" is an ABC Family original show about a family with gay mothers and five foster children, all of different cultures. Because of their many racial and personal differences, this family encounters a lot of struggles, especially the struggle of feeling important and like they belong. This show can be so sad and scary yet funny and sweet, but as a whole, it is extremely heartwarming. The goal of these parents is to make sure that their once-forgotten children know that they're surrounded by love and they're wanted. They'll never be alone.

9. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

"Fresh Prince of Bel Air." In this hilarious 90's sitcom, Will Smith plays the cousin in his very close-knit family, and it starts when he moves in with them. I find myself laughing until I snort at Will's sarcasm or his cousin Carlton's somewhat spastic dance moves. This theme song gives us a perfect background on Will's life just before he moves in with his auntie and uncle in Bel Air.

10. That 70's Show

"In The Street." "That 70's Show" is another comedy that always gets me. These six friends are perfect representations of what life was like in the 70's. There is the nerdy quiet friend (Eric), and the crazy, wild one (Steven), the popular, beautiful one (Jackie), the sassy, no-BS one (Donna), the handsome, somewhat dumb one (Kelso), and of course, the comic relief (Fez). Everyone in each friend group can relate to one of these characters. As they drive down the street, singing the theme song at the top of their lungs, it's impossible not to picture yourself and your friends. Even though we don't really have anything to do, we're all alright, we're all alright!

These shows are all so incredible. Whether it's because they make you laugh until you pee or sob until you can't breath, they all make an impact on you. But what makes these shows even better is that their theme songs fit the show better than any other! Without the theme song, they wouldn't be the same.

If you find yourself humming it while you shower or clapping along to it while it plays, that's when you know it's a good one!