10 Best Ben Rector Lyrics
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10 Best Ben Rector Lyrics

"It's the one thing around here That we don't have quite enough of So I just wanna look a little more like love"

10 Best Ben Rector Lyrics

I have recently become obsessed with Ben Rector. I love all his songs and they always put me in a good mood. I am currently listening to him as I write this. To show my love for this wonderful singer, here are some of my favorite lyrics of his.

1. Let the good times roll
Hey baby, throw your cares away
Let the good times roll
Leave your worry for another day
Let the good times roll
Leave yesterday behind
Let the good times roll tonight

-"Let the Good Times Roll"

2. There was a day that I was free
Not a care that I could see
So good I barely could believe that it was happening
Oh take me back again


3. Go on, lay your troubles down
Set your feet on solid ground
Peace deep as I have found
I wanna follow you

Come on, all you weak and weary
Come round now if you can hear me
Poor, sick, and God-fearing
I wanna follow you
I said I wanna follow you

-"Follow You"

4. Sometimes the devil sounds a lot like worry
Treading a well-worn path into my soul
And it don't sound evil oh but my heads burning
And I know

So if You can hear me
I could use You right about now
If You can hear me
I could use some peace

-"If You Can Hear Me"

5. Like when I close my eyes and don't even care if anyone sees me dancing
Like I can fly, and don't even think of touching the ground
Like a heartbeat skip, like an open page
Like a one way trip on an aeroplane
It's the way that I feel when I'm with you, brand new
Brand new

-"Brand New"

6. I've been scared to death of failing
Scared that I'd look like a fool
And I'd rather quit than risk that I could lose
Now I'm not proud of that position
But it's the hand that I've been dealt
And as far as I'm concerned that hand can go to hell


7. And note to self: don't let yourself worry quite as much
It'll end up fine enough
It always has up until now
Something else,
You should think of other people a little more
You shoulda thought of that before
Cause of everything you've written down
This is the first note that you wrote for someone else
Note to self

-"Note To Self"

8. Last night was crazy, yeah we tore it up again
Kicked off our shoes and went to bed by 9pm
We were balling and Netflix
We turned it up to ten
Last night was crazy


9. But now I just wanna look more like love
I just wanna look more like love
This whole world is spinning crazy
And I can't quite keep up
It's the one thing around here
That we don't have quite enough of
So I just wanna look a little more
Like love

-"More Like Love"

10. I don't wanna be no star
Have fame on the Boulevard
No that's not what I'm looking for

I don't need shiny things
Or love from a movie screen
But I tell you what I really want

Oh oh, oh oh gimme an ordinary love
That I touch
That I hold
Gimme an ordinary love

-"Ordinary Love"

*all lyrics are from www.azlyrics.com

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