10 Things Baby-Faced Girls Are So Tired Of Hearing
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10 Things Baby-Faced Girls Are So Tired Of Hearing

I’m sure that one day I will appreciate this, but today is not that day.

10 Things Baby-Faced Girls Are So Tired Of Hearing

I know that not everyone looks his or her age. Some look younger and some look way older. I just happen to fall into the category of looking way younger than what I actually am. At least that’s what I have been told all my life. Like millions of us out there we have all someone question our age and are in total shock when we state how old we actually are. I’m sure that one day I will appreciate this, but today is not that day. These are just 10 things I am sick of hearing.

1. "What grade are you in?"

Actually, I am a senior in college and in 180 days I will not have a grade believe it or not.

2. "How old actually are you?"

I’m actually in my twenties. No I’m not 16, 17, or 18. Yes I really am that age. My driver’s license proves it. No it is not a fake, its 100% authentic.

3. "Are you excited for graduation?"

I was excited for graduation back when I actually was graduating. Since I graduated high school may years ago its really lost its thrill.

4. "I will need to see some ID"

I can understanding asking to see some ID for going into the bar or casino but asking me for some ID into a R rated movie is starting to get ridiculous (yes this actually has happened before). Now its just getting to the point that you might as well just walk up with ID in hand because you know its coming.

5. "You don’t look your age"

I am fully aware that I don’t look my age. Thanks for being the 100th person to point that out to me.

6. "What high school do you go too?"

Been there, done that but thanks for the concern. As a young woman in her twenties I get asked this question way more than you would think. Anytime I am home from break or the summer this question seems to always get asked to me. Maybe it’s the way I dress or my lack of makeup but I usually can’t go a summer without it being brought up.

7. "What college do you plan on attending?"

I already graduated but I did attend an accredited university. I have a $80,000 piece of paper to prove it!

8. "Shouldn't you be in school right now?"

If I was in school I would be there. This whole adulting thing isn't as fun with these responsibilities. I do have my "big girl job" and I was actually just heading there now.

9. "One day you will look your age"

Sure, we will go with that. Pretty sure I had this exact same piece of advice given to me a year ago and here I am still not looking my age.

10. Are you allowed to be in here?

Two words: TWENTY ONE.

Somedays I am so thankful for my baby face and other days it can be a struggle. The bottom line is don't judge a book by its cover or a girl by her face.

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