I worked in a pizza shop for five years and for five years, customers repeatedly did the same annoying stuff. If you are one of these customers, please stop. I'm sure anyone who has worked at a pizza shop can relate to the things I'm about to list and would wish you do the same.

1. "Can I have a pepperoni pizza but just leave one slice plain?"

NO! We can do half and half or, if you REALLY give us a hard time, we can do a quarter... but one slice? It just doesn't work that way.

2. Ask for a well done pizza but then complain that it's burnt

You get what you ask for

3. Complain about prices and expect me to change it

I just work here. Complain all you want, your total is still $43.58.

4. Place an order for take-out, and get frustrated when asked to specify

It's either pick up or delivery - both are forms of take-out! So don't get angry when I ask you which one it is

5. Call to ask where your delivery order is

I told you it would be about 45 minutes. It has only been 37. If you want it sooner, pick up next time.

6. Get frustrated when it's not under your name

No matter how many times you tell me your name is Jim, I do not have an order for "Jim." Are there any other names it could possibly be under? Perhaps you're wife's name, who PLACED the order?

7. Not have your credit card ready

When phones are ringing nonstop on a Friday night, I don't have time to wait for you to go out to your car to retrieve your credit card and read me the numbers. Please have it next to you before you call.

8. Not have your order ready

Please know what you want when you call. Nothing is worse than listening to a customer scream through the house asking family members in the other room what they want.

9. Ask for delivery outside the delivery radius and then list reasons why we should deliver to you anyway

If you really do live "right around the corner" like you keep telling me, why don't you just come in and get it yourself then? Because we don't go that far.

10. Call and ask for the usual

We get orders from about 30000 different Johns, so the likelihood that I know which one you are and what you usually order when you call once every two months... yeah, slim chance.