10 Annoying Kids Songs

Kids songs are the worst. They get stuck in your head for days.

10. Im a nut

This song is just plain cute.

9.Down by the Bay

okay so they are getting a little bit worse.

8. The Arky Arky song

this one is about noah and the flood. so at least it teaches jesus.

7. Im H-A-P-P-Y

this song gets old after a while.

6. If your happy and you know it

we get it your happy.

5.The duck song

this song just this song

4.The hotdog song

anyone who has a child obsesed with this show they know this song haunts you in your sleep

3. Elmo's song

do i need to explain

2. Let it go

this song was so over played

1.The hampster song

im pretty sure this song is constantly played in Hell.

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