The 10 Most Annoying 'Grey's Anatomy' Characters

The 10 Most Annoying 'Grey's Anatomy' Characters

We all have those characters that we love to hate.

Every show has some annoying characters and "Grey's Anatomy" is no exception. With the constant killing off of characters and addition of new ones, this list could on forever. But no one has time for that. Below are who I believe to be 10 of the most annoying characters (in no order) and their reaction to being told they're on the list.

1. Miranda Bailey

She was so great in the beginning. She was strong, no-nonsense with a semi-secret soft side. But now she apparently cannot handle her personal life, her sexual desires, or her anger and intolerance issues. And she's so hypocritical when it comes to other people's mistake.

2. April Kepner

She was soooo annoying in the beginning, then she grew a pair and I kind of loved her (while still hating her because she's April and I cannot bring myself to ever fully love her character) and from what I hear about the current season, she is, once again, not one to be like.

3. Ava/Rebecca

Where do I even begin with her? She pretended as though she didn't remember her life and lead Alex on then came back and it took way too long for Alex to get her the help she needed.

4. Izzie Stevens

Her unhealthy pattern with men is just as annoying as her stupid bubbly personality. She cut an L-Vad wire to steal a heart (for a man) then came back like nothing happened. She also stole someone's husband and then left her own.

5. Catherine Avery

Someone needs to get her own life and butt out of her son's. Wherever she goes, drama always follows.

6. Preston Burke

Things may have started out great in the beginning, but eventually his attitude got the best of him. He became overbearing right up until he left Christina.

7. Leah Murphy

Hands down the most annoying intern ever, and the worst part is she's back.

8. Nurse Olivia

It was one thing after another with this one. Alex, then George... and giving them syphilis.

9. Arizona Robbins

I really enjoyed her for a while, but then she became a mean, whiny, lying, cheater after she lost her leg.

10. Maggie Pierce

Her incessant babbling rants do not make her cute or charmingly ditzy; she just comes across as slightly crazy. She comes across as a replacement for Lexie (who was also annoying in her own way), and not a good one.

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Cover Image Credit: Julia Waterbury

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