10 Annoying Comments That Make Every Horseback Rider Chomp At The Bit

Growing up, I played plenty of mainstream sports — soccer, softball, gymnastics, you name it. But my favorite thing to do was ride horses and only certain people will understand why. From elementary school to high school, I was always getting comments from friends who liked to make fun of my hobby.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who experienced these questions and comments, so here it is. Ten annoying comments horseback riders get all the time:

1. So you're a horse-girl right?

I'm just a girl.

2. Doesn't that mean you're kinda crazy?

Don't you love this one?

3. Horses are terrifying

I can think of about 50 more terrifying animals.

4. When is your horse race?

I don't race horses, that's terrifying.

5. Don't you have to be a midget to ride horses?

You mean a jockey?

6. Is horseback riding even a sport?

Ask my thigh muscles after a two hour lesson, and then tune in to the equestrian channel during the Olympics.

7. It's probably so easy, you just sit there and the horse just goes

If you just sat there you'd fall off right away.

8. Does the horse run while you're on it?

It's called trotting or cantering.

9. What is so fun about galloping through a field?

Maybe you should watch a video on the different types of horseback riding.

10. Why don't you just play soccer or something?

Because everyone plays soccer.

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