People say all the time that the insecurities you carry are a sign of weakness. I disagree with this statement completely. The insecurities we carry aren't weaknesses. They are a sign of strength and courage that people should embrace.

Insecurities have a wide range. People are insecure about so many different things. For example, some people are insecure about how they dress, or how they look. I've even met people who are insecure in the way they eat food or the way they laugh. With the world becoming so superficial people have lost their ability to embrace their insecurities. Maybe it is due to the fact that social media has made it seem as if people shouldn't have any insecurities and live this "instagrammy life". The problem with this is that we as humans aren't perfect. We all have flaws. As rude as that sounds you and me both have many flaws. Noone is perfect. We are all trying to be as perfect as possible, but it doesn't mean that we have become successful in being completely perfect.

So this is for anyone who needs to hear this. Your insecurities don't define you. No matter what insecurities you have you should embrace them and love yourself regardless. Be less harsh on yourself and enjoy the one life we have to live. Let me repeat again. Be less harsh on yourself and enjoy the one life we have to live.

Trust me, you may think you are not beautiful, or you smile weird, or your feet are too big whatever the insecurity is just remember these insecurities are a way for yourself to compete with no one else but yourself. However, just remember these insecurities mean nothing.

Be yourself. Love yourself. Treat yourself.