A Spooky Story To Kick Off Spooky Season​

A Spooky Story To Kick Off Spooky Season​

This will for sure get you into the Halloween spirit.


"Okay your turn, truth or dare." Blake winked at Chelsea, hoping she would pick dare. Landon and Monica looked at each other and started giggling.

They are laughing now, but little do they know that this would be the beginning of their worst nightmare.

It was night of October 30th. A group of friends were gathered at their usual hang out spot in the woods for a bonfire. They were all having fun and drinking around the flames. Laughter filled the air, along with the smell of smoke and alcohol. Well into the night, Blake was thinking of how to make a move on Chelsea.

"Hey Chelsea, do you wanna play a game of truth or dare?" he said in slurred words with a smirk on his face.

Landon and Monica seemed interested in joining the game as well. Blake went first.

"Okay you start Chels, truth or dare." Blake winked at Chelsea, hoping she would pick dare. Landon and Monica looked at each other and started giggling.

"Truth." Blake was not amused.

"Fine. Who is your crush?"

"I'm not telling you that! I don't want him knowing!" Chelsea started blushing, and so did Blake. The others rolled their eyes.

"Alright Monica, truth or dare," she asked.

"Dare!" she replied with a big grin on her face.

Chelsea had a sly look on her face. She turned toward Monica, and pointed to the right in the far distance. "Go in there for 30 minutes, no coming out."

She was pointing to the old Turner's mansion that had been abandoned for more than 45 years. The house was overgrown with weeds and vines, and all the windows were busted out. No one ever went there or even talked about it. Monica instantly thought of backing out, but decided to go anyways to show Landon that she can have a fun time.

She slowly walked to the house, hands shaking and eyes watering. She was terrified, but she couldn't let them see. Everyone was watching her so intensely. She reached the house, but before she went in, she turned and gave her friends a wave and a fake smile.

"You got this Monica. You got this. It's just an old house. It's only 30 minutes." She tried giving herself a pep talk but that didn't help in the least bit.

She grabbed the glass door handle and turned it. The door creaked open and made a very irritable squealing sound. Chills ran down Monica's back.

She walked in and felt her heart beating out of her chest and a cold gush of air blow through her hair.

2 minutes down, 28 minutes to go.

She started by walking in the kitchen. Everything was ruined. Moss invaded every area.

Thump... thump... thump... Monica stopped, startled by the noise. It sounded like someone was walking upstairs. Suddenly, she heard a loud, high pitch scream come from above. She thought she was going crazy, since no one had lived there for so long.

She shivered.

One foot in front of the other, she made her way upstairs. The first thing she saw was an old nursery. It was weird though because everything in the room was destroyed besides the baby crib which was in pristine condition. Monica didn't think anything of it.

The next room she checked was the bathroom. She opened the door and yelled the loudest she ever had before. When she entered the room, she saw a bathtub filled with black water, and hair hanging out the side. She ran for her life, but the thing crawled after her on all fours.

Monica made it to the top of the stairs before it got a hold of her. When she finally got a good look at what it is, she saw it was a girl with black hair, very skinny. Monica started freaking out and screaming louder and louder. Her friends were too far away to hear her call for help though.

19 minutes down, 11 minutes to go.

The woman dragged Monica into the nursery and threw her against the wall. She then moaned to her, "Give me back my child, or I will take you too." Monica was so confused and scared. What child? Will she die?

"I don't know your child."

"The one inside you. The baby."

"There is none inside me. I am not pregnant." Instantly, Monica felt a kick inside of her. It couldn't be possible. Was it because of Blake? Did this creepy lady curse me with this?

Monica reached the point of almost passing out from crying so hard.

23 minutes down, 7 minutes to go.

"I won't give it to you, you monster!"

The lady let out another scream. She crawled to Monica and grabbed her by her hair. The other hand went on her chin. Snap. Her neck broke, and Monica drooped to the floor, dead.

24 minutes down, 6 minutes to go.

Back at the bonfire, the three friends were drinking and having fun, without a care in the world, unaware of what was happening to Monica. When the time came for her to come back because the dare was over, she didn't. Her friends became worried.

45 minutes down, 15 minutes late.

Her "friends" were too scared to go check on her, so they just stayed at the fire and huddled together.

"Guy, did you hear that?" Chelsea asked the boys. "I heard something. I swear. Someone is here."

Before they could answer her, the same bathtub lady crawled out of the shadows and attacked them.

The fire burned on, and everything became quiet just as it had began.

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