Everyone thinks that they have the best dog in the world, and I will agree that every dog is special. However, my two dogs, Gibbs and Buddy are two very special dogs in my world. Gibbs is a two and a half-year-old Great Dane-Lab mix, and Buddy a five-year-old mutt. I know they may seem like two regular dogs, but they have made a huge impact on my life and so many others and here are a few reasons why.

Always there to keep you company

Gibbs is known in our family for doing tricks. His favorite, hand shake or paw shake. Every day when I came home from school, Gibbs always needed a hug and a hand shake before you could go about your business. No matter if you came home angry, sad, or happy, Gibbs always wanted to say hi and see his favorite people the minute they walked into the door. How could anyone resist that??

Just look at that beautiful, welcoming face.

He is only two and a half years old but he looks like an old man. That is my favorite part about him! Any time I see his face it just makes me smile and laugh. I mean, who wouldn't want to come home to this big guy?

Like, how can you not love them?

While Buddy was a little skeptical about a little kid coming into our family, Gibbs was all for it! They let my niece climb on them, pull at their face, and even ride them like a horse. Even if she hurts them, they never bite her or do anything to her. They are so gentle and perfect for our family. Again, Gibbs is perfect with kids! No matter what you think about his size, he is the most gentle dog I have ever met. He is quite the protecting and intimidating animal, but if a total baby once he really meets you.

The best greetings ever!

Not only will my dogs wait for you at the top of the stairs, they will meet you at the door, and I mean AT THE DOOR. There have been several times that Gibbs has scared the delivery man by jumping onto the door. No one really expects that big dog at the door until they have been to our house a few times.

The best car ride buddies!

Yes, dog move around a lot and tend to take up quite a bit of space in the car, but these two are the best car buddies you could have. Buddy simply will lay in your lap or try to lay down in between the driver and passenger. Gibbs on the other hand tries to climb around everywhere. The best time to take them for a car ride is when we go to the dog park!

Rescue dogs are the way to go.

Fun fact about Gibbs! He is a rescue dog! When he was a little puppy, his owner died from drug related activities. A shelter picked him up and helped him back on his feet. Not only did the shelter pick him up and help him out, they also took him to a special place and had him trained with basic obedience and house needing skills. The owners kept telling us that he was a bad puppy and that he probably wouldn't be that great of a dog. Take it from me, any dog can be a good dog, and we got super lucky with this amazing little guy. It was honestly the best arrangement my family and I have ever found.

Our little protectors

If any toddlers, delivery men, or cars come by our house, the dogs are the first to let us know and hold down the fort! Now, it may seem a little scary to see and hear my dogs going crazy when people walk by, but they mostly just want to play. However, if someone comes to our door, again, that is a different story. As I stated earlier, the door attack is simply out of curiosity in my dog's mind.

Always there when you are not at your best

Nap time, staying home for the day, or simply just sad, my dogs are by your side to brighten your mood. My family has been through a lot in the past few years and these dogs have always been in the room to help us get by. Anytime I stayed home from school, Buddy would always lay down next to me and would never leave my side. Gibbs would always come to my door and the side of my bed to check on me. As seen in the picture, my dogs are always the best nap buddies in the world. Who needs a blanket when you have a dog on your lap to keep your warm.

Now, some of these reasons may not seem really important, but I promise you that these dogs are the absolute best. My hope is that these photos brought you to a better mood, and hopefully, you are slowly starting to agree that my dogs are the best.