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Six Excursions To Cut Down Your Bucket List, Not Your Bank Account

6 reasons why you would not want to live anywhere but Southern California.  Adventures that highlight the best spots from Los Angeles to San Diego. 

17 Things You Should Consider Before Going Home from College for the First Time

Going home for the first time doesn't have to be an odd experience. Read these tips and you'll be good to go.

Struggles Of A Northerner In The South

People always say how the culture is different living in the south compared to living in the north. I never thought this would be true. How different could it really be? But when I moved from Chicago to Charleston for college I experienced some culture shock that I was not prepared for.

8 Hidden Gems for UCSB Students

There are eight different places that all offer unique opportunities that are not as apparent to many UCSB students. This article shines light on the beauty, resources, and special places that UCSB students may overlook or have been hidden until now.

5 Signs You're an LFK Townie

Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about Lawrence, Kansas, think again! 5 things you may not have known about the city you call home 8 months out of the year.

Dancing (For Those Not Rhythmically Inclined) 

As one of two awkward white girls on my cheerleading squad in high school, I either had to learn how to dance or be forced to become more actively involved with my schoolwork. Naturally, I chose the former.

From Real Housewives to Beyonce in 36 Songs

Here's a list to get you into that "forget about your ex," "hands up in the air," "finally practice all those contouring tricks you learned on YouTube" kind of mood that only the best songs can.

Stop Sleeping Your Life Away

As I sit awake at 1 AM, painfully aware that I will be driving to work in 6 hours far too tired to deal with my minimum wage summer job, I wonder why so many of us college students prefer to sleep all day and stay up all night long. Especially when we have daytime commitments like class and jobs.

Home is with your sisters 

Whether close to home this summer or spending time away from your hometown, you will always feel at home with you're with your sorority sisters. 

33 Things To Do Instead Of Reading BuzzFeed Articles
We’ve all done it. You’re just casually checking Facebook between sentences on a midterm paper, and then you see one. A “17 Things Beyonce Did Yesterday That You Need To Know Right Now” kind of article that is so enticing you ...
Who Runs the World? Girls. 

We’ve got the brains, the beauty and our wonderful femininity that makes us the brilliant human beings that we are. Besides physical, animalistic strength, we can do everything a man can do, sometimes even better.

How You Know You're in Greek Life at Ball State

If you are thinking about going Greek this fall or know someone who may be, take a minute and read why you should!!