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What Your Coffee Says About You

I’m definitely no expert, but after a couple of years dealing with caffeine-deprived soccer moms, middle school cheerleaders who just broke up with their boyfriend and that one vegan-allergic-to-soy-so-I’m-better-than-you mega hipster, I think it’s time I shared this double shot-sized sip of knowledge.

15 Things Only Best Friends Do: When You Know You’re Soulmates

A true best friend will never leave your side, and can easel be pointed out by anyone who knows the two of you.  A best friend means a soulmate.  Have yours?

2014 Spring Break Survival Guide

When deciding how to encourage everyone to live up to the Spring Break hype, I did a little brainstorming and came up with my very own Survival Guide for Spring Break 2014. Thanks to various anonymous tipsters, I have gathered a series of unfortunate events that I hope you take into consideration when trying to outlast this spring break.

Getting to Know the Man Behind the Bowtie: SGA President, Hamilton Bloom

This article took a satirical approach in interviewing Alabama's newly elected Student Government Association President, Hamilton Bloom.

Dump Your Highschool Sweetheart

Dating your high school boy-toy all senior year of high school. It was perfect. You had an amazing boy to cheer for on Friday nights at your little football stadium. You had the perfect Prom night with your boyfriend and all of your closest friends. ...

The Art of Balancing School & Business: Sebastian Madero

 At just 21 years of age, junior Sebastian Madero has already engaged in three business ventures. His first stemmed from a simple idea he had with a friend to create apparel to display hometown pride for The Key (Key Biscayne, FL).  

A New Day for Baylor University

I am personally thankful to have the opportunity of spearheading Baylor's newest Greek outlet: The Odyssey Baylor.