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DePauw University: More Than Just Partying

We've got a tiny little Stars Hollow-esque community of close-knit oddballs and eccentrics. But despite our differences, almost all of us like to go out and have a good time, and I hope that never changes.

Tribute To 43

During the early hours on June 29, Auburn lost one of its own in a tragic accident, and I lost a very close friend.

8 Crafts for Your Dream Dorm

With move-in day right around the corner, you're probably wondering how to make your dorm or apartment as cute and cozy as you've been imagining.

The Seven Stages of Giving into FOMO

Oh no, don’t tell me about all the fun you’re going to have tonight, because you know I’m going to want to get in on it. Sometimes life just needs to be boring, ya know? But that is definitely much easier said than done.

Likes, Favorites and Views 

Some food for thought in regards to how social media outlets such as Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat foster an online etiquette among their users, leading them to lose individuality. 

I Can't Talk To My Best Friend?

When thinking of sorority recruitment, most people just think about the potential new members going through recruitment and the active members of each house. Two very important groups of people tend to be overlooked.

61 One Liners That Prove Dave Matthews Is A Legend

There is a reason Dave Matthews Band has been around for so long. Here are the 61 lyrics that made me fall in love with love, and fall in love with Dave. 

He is an Israeli, She a Palestinian.

Throughout their lives, Palestinian- American, Dalal Hillou, and Israeli soilder, Itai Kopans, have existed in separate universes, yet are tied through their fundamental human desire: live without fear.

"Theta Is..."

One word: recruitment. The best and worst time of the entire school year. You spend more time with your sorority sisters cramped into one room than you could ever dream of. But for some reason, we love it.

A New Ice Cream Shop Makes The Circle Even Cooler!

Looking for a sweet way to beat this summer heat? Try A La Minute, the new gourmet ice cream shop on the circle whose yummy treats are all made to order! Read on to discover just how they create such delicious ways to cool off!

All the chapters you need to know for Chapman's 2014 Sorority Recruitment

Rule number one of recruitment is ALWAYS keep an open mind, but it certainly won't hurt to do your research!

What It Means to Be in A Queer and Allied Fraternity

A look at the many assumptions people make when they hear about a queer and allied organization.