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A Ranking of Late Night Food at UK 

We've all been there: intoxicated, scared, and hungry. Not sure where to turn or who to trust, being HANGRY isn't something to be taken lightly. 

Why The Wine And Blue Might Not Be For You

As many of you may know, I am not the most “srattiest” of them all. I’m not constantly sporting Lilly Pulitzer, nor do I have my monogram tattooed on my body, car, rain boots, Nike shorts, etc. However, you may think this is because I am not proud of being Greek, but you are sadly mistaken.

How To Feel Like You Still Have Four Years Left

If you are like the rest of us seniors, the imminent reality of graduating is already depressing the hell out of you.

Internships: Not Getting Paid Sometimes Pays The Most

Through my internship, I've been able to help children with life-threatening medical conditions experience great joy.

Mixed Emotions on Sorority Tumblrs

While I think the initial idea for sorority Tumblrs was created with good intentions, the trend has recently transformed into something that I believe is less flattering for the Greek community.

The Panhellenic Council: They're More Than Just A Cute Dress

Everything in the rush process has been perfectly planned and coordinated so that recruitment runs as smoothly as possible. Those responsible for this incredible job are the members of the Panhellenic Association’s Executive Council.

5 Signs That You Live in San Diego 

Most people say that Texas is its own country, but what about southern California? Local, or from out of town, it is safe to say that San Diego thrives in a world of its own. 

The Seven Stages Of Realizing You Are Finally A Senior

Through the tears of joy and sorrow, in the end you are still a senior and since there’s no going back here are the seven stages of handling the fact that you are officially in your final year of college.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

"As much as we want to believe the people who tell us that if we chase our dreams we can never go wrong, or that money can’t buy happiness, so we shouldn’t worry too much about our future occupations, we simply can’t. Life has shown us what happens to the people who chase their dreams and fail, or the people who don’t make enough money."

How Not To Suck On Social Media

I’m sure you share my love/hate relationship with technology, the Internet, and especially social media. It’s both a blessing and a curse, and just like everything in the world -- goes completely downhill when people take it too far.

Bigger Than Campus

This summer, I experienced ELI, the Alpha Phi Foundation's Emerging Leaders Institute, where I found a new motivation and out-look on the meaning and importance of Alpha Phi, and Greek organizations as a whole.

Do What Is Best For You

All my life people I have heard that you need to work out. I have had numerous gym memberships, tried to become runner, worked on cardio exercises, took intense workout classes, but I always come to the same conclusion: I hate cardio.

You Know You Go To PSU When… 

Penn Staters have so much pride in their school. There are certain things we do that make it obvious that we are from Happy Valley. From the things we say to the things we wear, you can spot a fellow Penn Stater a mile away. Some of the inside jokes we share help make this the best school on Earth.

Nike Shorts and Oversized T-Shirts: A Love Story 
We know it’s not flattering. We know it’s not stylish. We know we all look alike. Yet we continue to wear it: the sorority girl uniform. It’s the combination of an extra-large t-shirt, Nike shorts and some neon sneakers that we all know well and get a lot of grief for wearing.
Top 5 Travel Essentials Every Woman Should Take on Their Summer Getaway

Escape the horrible stress and price of overpacking by traveling light on your summer getaway. Since overpacking for vacation is almost every girls problem,  I thought I would share my top 5 things to pack for this summers fun travels!