Zodiac Signs As Niall Horan Songs

Zodiac Signs As Niall Horan Songs

Niall Horan makes all girls swoon in different ways. Learn how he affects the zodiac signs in their specified ways.

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One-fourth of One Direction (rip), Niall Horan dropped his solo album on October 20, 2017. With 13 tracks, he was able to portray his variety of genre and exploration with music which includes the bubble-gum pop sound fans are used to hearing by now, country, and folk-pop along with some rock influences.

"On The Loose" - Leo

Leo's are seen as the self-centered signs and within "On The Loose," Niall Horan sings about how the girl knows that everyone watching her dance and she knows the effect it will have on everyone. Leo's are also considered very determined and with lyrics like "She's coming for you," I see it very fitting for Leo's to love this song (about themselves essentially).

"Flicker" - Pisces and Cancer

Pisces and Cancers are the most emotional signs according to their stereotypes and if this song does one thing right, it's putting the feels in your soul for eternity.

"On My Own" - Capricorn and Libra

Everyone knows that Capricorn's are the signs that are very ambitious and independent and Libra's want to experience the entire world, there this one is pretty self-explanatory... Capricorns are perfectly fine with being on their own and Libras want to drink, stay out, kiss, and fight if it comes down to it.

"Slow Hands" - Scorpio

Scorpio's are very in touch with their sexuality and if this song isn't the closest to a sexy song on this album, then I don't know what is.

"Too Much Too Ask" - Sagittarius

Sagittarius are known to choose the flight when in a fight or flight situation, so this song isn't necessarily embodying a Sag, but it is describing trying to form a relationship with one.

"Paper Houses" - Aries

Aries is said to be very impulsive and live in the moment, so within "Paper Houses" Horan describes a relationship that climbs so fast and so high that it ultimately crashes and burns; meaning that things happened so fast that the two people in the relationship couldn't keep up with what they were dealing with, therefore living in the moment and realizing that something like that won't always last because it was built of first impressions and impulses.

"Since We're Alone" - Virgo

Virgo's are selective when it comes to opening up to people and in this song, Horan is asking the person to open up to him and "show me your heart" while they're alone because no one else will know except the two. Horan assured Virgos that he "can see in the dark" referring to their emotions and what they have to reveal to their partners.

"Mirrors" - Taurus

Taurus, according to stereotypes, are pretty dependent on their partners in a relationship which is portrayed in this song by the person pleading for love, "I need love, so hold me closer in the night" as Horan sings in the chorus.

"The Tide" - Gemini

Gemini tends to be very blunt and straightforward about what they want. In "The Tide," Niall is begging the person not to let the tide wash him away from his partner and saying he wants to be with this person is where he wants to stay. With bluntness like this, I'm shocked to say that Niall isn't a Gemini himself!

"You and Me" - Aquarius

They're extremely loyal and lovable, you guessed it, they're an Aquarius. "You and Me" is such a relaxing song with also is compatible with the Aquarius type along with the song title giving off a loyalty and lovable vibe.

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