Reasons To Date A Cancer
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If You Never Want To Breakup, Date A Cancer For These 6 Reasons

#4 on the Zodiac charts, but #1 in our hearts.

If You Never Want To Breakup, Date A Cancer For These 6 Reasons

Cancers are known as our resident astrological crabs, but it isn't just because they're shy. Cancers are very intense, and once they set their sights on something they will achieve it. They take everything in smaller steps, making intricate plans and sticking to them but are incredibly ambitious in nature. The first sign of "too much" for Cancers will immediately send them retreating back into their shells for safety.

Cancers like everything their way and can be a little selfish at times, but that is never their intent. Cancers are one of the most loyal of signs and will give you everything they have as long as you give the same back.

Here are just a few of the reasons to date a Cancer for the most optimistic, stable, and supportive relationship.

They're Protective

Cancer's are the most loyal of signs and will protect anyone they love and care about, or at least die trying.

When you get close to a Cancer, you are immediately welcomed as family, and the family-oriented crab will likely do just about anything for those they let into their exclusive shell. Cancers are the opposite of natural-born fighters but will fight for anyone they love. You can mess with a Cancer but never mess with their friends or family.

They're Dreamers

With such love and a strong sense of imagination, we call Cancer's "the dreamer" of all the zodiac sign.

Cancers can often be found romanticizing any and all life events, making them a little more susceptible to love and relationships. Cancers have so much love for those around them and can always see the good in people.

And they won't settle for ordinary. Cancers won't hesitate to create their own fairytales.

Their wandering imaginations can also lead them to look into the future and to plan. They won't stick around if they don't see you in their long-term plan but they'll find a place for you if they find that you're worth it. In relationships, this quality, as well as their loyalty, makes for the perfect long-term partner.

They're Empathetic 

Consult a Cancer if you are ever in need of a person to discuss a private matter or are in need of advice. Their empathy makes them unbiased listeners and they'll always give you well thought out advice.

Cancers can easily adapt their thinking to better understand another's perspective and when giving advice on how to approach a third-party, will have no problem empathizing with them as well. Their intuition grants them the gift of offering up great advice.

This quality is so important because you want your partner to be someone you feel you can trust and be honest and open with. They also will always have your back and be able to walk you through the tougher times in life.

They're Resilient

If it is easy, it probably isn't worth it. Cancers know this better than anyone, and if I'm being honest relationships with Cancers are not always going to be easy.

Cancers hate being told what to do and can be very stubborn. Their will to do what they love an not take no for an answer is inspiring. They won't give up on your relationship unless you do and after a tough argument will plan a cute low-stress date to rekindle the romance.

Their resilience is how they keep their passion and excitement, even when the odds are stacked against them. Though inside Cancers may feel fragile, the crab's shell is hard.

They're Good at Adapting

Cancers are pretty good at keeping up and unless it rains on their big picture plans have no trouble going with the flow.

Cancers may be homebodies, but not in the way you'd think. Cancers love being where they feel comfortable and this is typically attributed to where the people they are most comfortable with are.

In relationships, this is important because change happens all of the time, such as change of location or changes in routine and Cancers aren't afraid to step out of their comfort zone as long as you are right by their side.

For example, if you love standing in the fan section at sports games and your Cancer is a typical watch from home kind of girl, encourage them to try it out and they'll be loving it in no time.

They Will Surprise You

You will discover so many surprises when you get Cancers to let you into their shells and they will never fail to keep you guessing. They are the ultimate contradictions – simple yet complex, cautious yet independent, and patient yet stubborn.

While their sensitivity and strong connection to home is pretty guaranteed the adventurous side of a Cancer will take your breath away. This trait is key in relationships, as you'll have the pleasure of settling into their familiar routine but they'll know when to shake it up when things start getting boring.

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